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I opened the game, opened keyboard settings,successfully calibrated the key setup i wanted,it worked fine,until i started a battle and the key setup was completely different from the one I made.

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example: i set “S” as ‘Y’ on my keyboard. this worked fine until i entered a battle and ‘Y’ was now “W”.

Once i exit the battle,the keys revert back to my setting. and change again in battle.

//I think this problem started When I deleted my original save folder and inserted a downloaded save file into a new folder. Before that this game worked fine.

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I checked a lot of possible solutions, like:

1.Manually setting up config.ini.

2.Using “headsoft Vjoy” and “360ce”.


4.Re-extracting and then Re-installing.

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1 year ago
Yeah when you change your saves the keys change with it, it happened when i played on another pc and it changed my keys but you just need to come back to your original pc upload the save and it will be fine
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