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7 people killed in Jerusalem synagogue shooting boston news

On Friday night, a horrifying incident took place which once again threaten the world. Again many innocent people lost their lives in mass shootings. Over the last 2 years, most shooting incidents occurred in public places where many people gathered and most of the time the motive of the shootings was not known. Speaking about the latest event that occurred on the night of Friday where many people lost their lives. The reports stated that the gunman opened fire on the night of Friday and the incident occurred close to a synagogue which is located in east Jerusalem. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Neve Yaakov

Neve Yaakov Killer Identified

As soon as the news of the incident was reported most people are looking to know how many people lost their lives. The reports state that around 7 people have lost their lives and many were wounded. However, the culprit also died during the encounter. He was shot and assassinate by the police of Isreal. This news is officially confirmed by medics as well as the police department. This case has instantly pulled the attention of the world who are looking to know the aspects of this shooting.

According to the exclusive reports, the open firing in the neighborhood of Jewish of Neve Yaakov filled a dangerous lethal raid by the Israeli military that happened on Thursday, 26th January 2023 in the inhabited West Bank that assassinated 9 Palestinians, with a tenth assassinated later north of Jerusalem. After the shooting on Friday, a mouthpiece for the emergency service of the Magen David Adom that in further addition to those assassinated, 3 individuals had been instant to the medical institution.

The reports state that a 70-year-old is presently in critical condition, and a twenty-years-old in serious condition. Other than that a 14-year-old was initially admitted in a serious condition but now his health is stable. As we already mentioned above, the gunman was shot and assassinated and at the time of the incident, many police forces were present at the scene. This incident happened so suddenly that police were not able to understand what was going on and during the encounter, they killed the suspect.

This attack is termed a terrorist attack and at least 5 were killed and 3 were injured. The deadly weapons that were used in the lethal attack were confiscated. All five people were dead at the crime scene and three were admitted in serious conditions. The details of the victims are not released yet but we are hoping to get the information soon. The case is currently under investigation and as soon as we get more aspects we will mention them here.

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