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Best Friend Tried To Kill Me Video On TikTok boston news

People are eagar to know more about Lexi Weinbaum Case: Best Friend Tried To Kill Me Video On TikTok

Lexi Weinbaum, a TikTok user, is experiencing significant positive and negative feedback on the platform.

This is due to her recent video in which she claimed that her best friend attempted to kill her.

While some viewers may feel sympathetic towards Lexi and offer support and encouragement, others may be skeptical and question her claims’ validity.

Some may even criticize her for sharing such personal information on a public forum like TikTok or feel she misrepresented the situation.

It’s essential to remember that there are real emotions and experiences behind every social media post.

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Lexi Weinbaum Case: What did she say in her first video?

In Lexi Weinbaum’s first video, she appeared pretty upset as she introduced herself and revealed that her best friend had tried to kill her.

She explained that she had previously opened up about a traumatic attack she had survived but had been hesitant to share further details due to her being a minor and the involvement of other children who had also been victimized.

Lexi emphasized that her video was about healing after a traumatic event and expressed her forgiveness toward those involved.

Lexi Weinbaum Case: Lexi Weinbaum shares healing after a friend's attempted murder, and forgives those involved in the traumatic past.Lexi Weinbaum Case: Lexi Weinbaum shares healing after a friend’s attempted murder and forgives those involved in the traumatic past. (Source: Instagram)

She said she did not want to release any information that could harm anyone involved and wished everyone well.

Toward the end of her video, Lexi mentioned that she planned to make more videos about her experiences and invited her viewers to ask her questions or suggest topics for her to discuss.

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Lexi Weinbaum Case: What did she say in her Second video?

In her second video, Lexi Weinbaum says she had been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused for several years.

Her best friend was aware of it and had close personal ties with the perpetrator.

She had recently gotten out of that situation, or so she thought.

Lexi Weinbaum best friend texted her the night before they were going to hang out and smoke with a couple of other friends.

The best friend told her to look super hot and dress a certain way and that they needed to lie to Lexi Weinbaum’s parents about where they were going.

When they arrived at the place where they had lied to Lexi Weinbaum’s parents and had her parents drop them off, they walked over to a mutual friend’s house to smoke.

Lexi Weinbaum Case: Lexi reveals abuse by friend's associate during smoking, with memory loss after a hit.Lexi Weinbaum Case: Lexi reveals abuse by a friend’s associate during smoking, with memory loss after a hit. (Source: Instagram)

Lexi Weinbaum says it is highly typical for teenagers to experiment with things like smoking and drinking, and that’s all it was to her.

However, her best friend announced that she wouldn’t be protected when they sat down on the guy’s furniture, and he handed the speaker a water bottle bong and said, “Ladies first.”

Lexi Weinbaum took one hit, and he said that he didn’t expect her to be breathing it in that long.

When she asked why he said, “Nothing, that’s just some Fire shit I don’t think you’re prepared for.” After that, the speaker has no memory of what happened next.

Lexi Weinbaum Facts

Lexi Weinbaum’s passion for horse riding must be something truly special for her.

The bond she forms with her horse must be a unique and powerful connection that brings her immense joy and fulfillment.

The feeling of being in sync with such a majestic animal and experiencing the freedom and beauty of nature must be an incredible sensation.

Her love of reading, it shows that Lexi Weinbaum is a curious and imaginative individual who seeks to expand her knowledge and understanding of the world.

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