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Candice Miller and Mama + Tata: Latest Update, What Happened, and Viral Video Leak

Candice Miller, a prominent figure in the Hamptons social scene, is widely known as the co-founder of the lifestyle blog Mama + Tata. Along with her sister Jenna Crespi, Candice has made significant contributions to the blogosphere, offering valuable insights on motherhood, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Recently, Candice’s life has been thrust into the spotlight due to a series of events, including a video viral phenomenon and a leak video that has captured public attention. In this article, we explore the latest update on Candice Miller and Mama + Tata, discuss what happened, and delve into the details of the Candice Miller Mama Tata viral video.

The Rise of Candice Miller and Mama + Tata

candice miller mama tata

The Founding of Mama + Tata

In 2016, Candice Miller and her sister Jenna Crespi launched Mama + Tata, a lifestyle blog aimed at providing a comprehensive guide to New York City. The blog covers various topics, including motherhood, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Candice, known as “Mama,” and Jenna, known as “Tata,” share their personal experiences and offer recommendations to their readers.

Candice Miller: A Multifaceted Personality

Candice is not only a blogger but also a head buyer for the Tenet shop in Southampton, New York. She is described as a “type A mom, a creative planner, who always puts her kids first.” Candice’s involvement in the Hamptons social scene has connected her with notable personalities, including Ivanka Trump.

Latest Update: Tragic Loss and Community Support

The Passing of Brandon Miller

In July 2024, Candice Miller faced a devastating loss when her husband, real estate mogul Brandon Miller, passed away at the age of 43. The cause of his death has not been publicly disclosed. Brandon’s passing has left Candice and their two children in mourning, and the family has received an outpouring of support from friends and the community.

Candice’s Strength and Resilience

Despite the tragedy, Candice has demonstrated remarkable strength and resilience. She continues to focus on her children and the Mama + Tata blog, finding solace in her work and the support of her sister Jenna.

What Happened: The Viral Video Phenomenon

A Heartwarming Moment Captured

Recently, a heartwarming video featuring Candice Miller and her children went viral on social media. The video viral phenomenon captured a candid moment of the family sharing a tender and joyful interaction. The video resonated with many viewers, highlighting the importance of cherishing family moments.

Impact on the Community

The viral video brought significant attention to Candice and the Mama + Tata blog. New followers flocked to their social media platforms, eager to learn more about the family and the content they share. The video also sparked conversations about the challenges and joys of motherhood.

Leak Video: The Controversy

The Unauthorized Leak

In an unexpected turn of events, a leak video involving Candice Miller surfaced online. The unauthorized release featured private moments from Candice’s life, leading to widespread speculation and controversy. The video was reportedly leaked without Candice’s consent, raising concerns about privacy and security.

Reactions and Legal Actions

Candice and her team responded swiftly to the leak, condemning the invasion of privacy and taking legal actions to address the situation. Supporters and followers rallied behind Candice, expressing their outrage over the violation and offering their support during this difficult time.

The Vision Behind Mama + Tata

A Guide to Motherhood and Lifestyle

Mama + Tata was founded with the vision of providing a guide to motherhood and lifestyle in New York City. Candice and Jenna share their insights on various topics, from parenting tips to fashion advice. Their honest and relatable content has resonated with many readers, establishing the blog as a trusted source of information.

Expanding Horizons

Over the years, Mama + Tata has expanded its horizons, incorporating new content and collaborations. The blog has featured interviews with influential personalities and highlighted unique products and services that cater to mothers and families.

The Impact of the Blog

Building a Community

One of the most significant achievements of Mama + Tata is the community it has built. The blog has connected mothers and families, providing a platform for sharing experiences and supporting one another. The sense of community has been particularly evident in the support Candice received following her husband’s passing.

Empowering Mothers

Through their content, Candice and Jenna aim to empower mothers, encouraging them to embrace their roles and find balance in their lives. The blog’s practical advice and inspirational stories have helped many mothers navigate the challenges of parenting.

Future Plans for Mama + Tata

Continuing the Legacy

Despite the recent challenges, Candice and Jenna are committed to continuing the legacy of Mama + Tata. They plan to introduce new content and features that cater to the evolving needs of their audience. The blog will continue to celebrate motherhood and offer valuable insights to its readers.

Expanding Reach

With the increased attention from the viral video and the ongoing support from their community, Mama + Tata aims to expand its reach further. Candice and Jenna are exploring new opportunities for collaborations and partnerships that will enhance the blog’s offerings.


Candice Miller and Mama + Tata have made a significant impact in the blogosphere, providing valuable insights on motherhood, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. The latest update on Candice’s life, the story of what happened with the viral video, and the controversy surrounding the leak video highlight the dynamic nature of her journey. As Candice and Jenna continue to inspire and empower their audience, Mama + Tata remains a vital resource for mothers and families everywhere.

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