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Chris Lighty Wife Veronica, His Autopsy Report And Mental Health boston news

On the 30th of August 2012, Chris Lighty’s lifeless body was found on the patio of his apartment in South Riverdale, Bronx, after he reportedly shot himself in the head.

Many people accused Chris Lighty Wife, Veronica, for the death of her husband. However, she claims their divorce had nothing to do with the tragic incident.

This article will give deep insights into Chris Lighty’s death and relationship with Veronica. We will also discuss the results of the autopsy performed on his body.

Chris Lighty Wife, Veronica, still Mourns The Death Of Her Husband

Lighty and his wife Veronica married in 2003 and had two children together. Their first child, a daughter named Deja, was born in 1995, and they later had a son in 2007.

Chris Lighty Wife, Veronica, initiated divorce proceedings in 2011; she rescinded her request before his untimely passing, two days earlier to Father’s day, redeeming it as “a gift for him.”

According to The New York Daily News, a gunshot was heard, and Lighty was discovered lying face-up with a 9mm pistol beside him.

Lighty’s brother and numerous other celebrity personalities dismissed the suicide theory and declared that the family would conduct an independent investigation to determine what happened.

Despite her emotional distress, the grieving wife of rap mogul Chris Lighty added to the ambiguity surrounding his suicide by asserting that neither financial difficulties nor marital problems played a role in his death.

Chris Lighty Wife Chris Lighty Wife Veronica says that her divorce appeal had nothing to do with her husband’s death (Source: SDU)

During an interview outside her Riverdale home, Chris Lighty Wife, Veronica Lighty, refuted reports that her husband took his own life after fighting with her.

She dismissed reports that her husband’s suicide resulted from a conflict with her, stating that he was an exceptionally intelligent man who would not leave his children over a marital dispute.

Chris Lighty Wife further stated that she and her husband had a passionate relationship and often engaged in arguments.

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Chris Lighty Autopsy and Mental Health

The founder of Violator Management, Chris Lighty, was 44 years old and the Father of six children when he committed suicide by shooting himself behind his five-story townhouse.

It was reported by Forbes magazine that Lighty had been in an argument with his wife Veronica not long before he was found dead.

In the wake of Chris Lighty’s death in New York in 2012, which had been deemed a suicide, the mogul’s family decided to commission a second autopsy.

The family was optimistic that this supplementary investigation would help to clarify any lingering uncertainties surrounding his passing.

Forensic pathologist Michael Baden had been asked by Lighty’s family to perform a second autopsy, which he subsequently carried out shortly after his first autopsy.

Michael Baden, who conducted the second autopsy of Chris Lighty at the request of the family, is known for providing independent expert analysis in cases involving death.

His extensive experience in this field has seen him provide expert opinions in various high-profile cases, including the O.J. Simpson trial.

However, the results of his autopsy were never disclosed to the public for several privacy concerns and other delicate reasons. 

Chris 50centChris Lighty and 50 Cent at the G-Unit Clothing Launch Party in New York City (Source: IMDb)

The scrutiny over his income tax issues and his troubled relationship with Veronica must have affected Chris Lighty’s mental health at his death.

As per The Associated Press report, Chris Lighty had reportedly used the earnings from selling his Chelsea apartment to pay off most of his IRS debt, but he remained in debt for over $330,000 in state and federal taxes.

The AP reported that a bank sued Chris Lighty in April 2012 for exceeding his overdraft limit by $53,584.

Chris Lighty Wife, Veronica, responded to inquiries about his mental health by stating that Chris was under great stress.

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