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Did He Cheat On His Wife Anna J. Stanley boston news

Charles Stanley Scandals And Controversies: A Look at His Divorce from Anna J. Stanley.

The late Charles Frazier Stanley was an American Baptist pastor and author.

After serving as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta for 49 years, Stanley assumed emeritus status in 2020.

Additionally, he founded and presided over In Touch Ministries, which extensively aired his sermons on TV and radio.

He also had the distinction of serving two one-year terms as president of the Southern Baptist Convention from 1984 to 1986.

Besides his pastoral duties, Stanley is a prolific writer with over 30 books. His books center around prayer, the Christian life, and spiritual growth.

He also founded In Touch Ministries, a Christian media ministry that creates radio and television programs, podcasts, and other resources aimed at helping people develop their faith.

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Charles Stanley Scandals And Controversies: A Look at His Legacy

Over the years, Charles Stanley had been embroiled in a few controversies and scandals.

One of the most significant occurred in 1995 when he and his wife Anna went through a highly publicized divorce after being married for over four decades.

This was challenging for Stanley and his congregation since divorce is generally not approved in evangelical Christian circles.

Charles Stanley ScandalCharles Stanley had been embroiled in a few controversies and scandals over the years (Source: Wng)

In 2000, there was another controversy when Stanley’s son Andy, who also served as a pastor at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, divorced his wife and resigned from his position at the church.

This created tension between Charles Stanley, his son, and the church members.

In 2016, another scandal involved Charles and his son. Andy established a new church in Atlanta and invited his Father to preach there.

However, some of Charles Stanley’s congregation members perceived it as a betrayal, leading to a significant backlash against him for preaching at his son’s church.

Despite these controversies, Stanley remained a popular and influential figure in the evangelical Christian community, and he continued to deliver sermons and write about his faith.

Did Charles Stanley Cheat On His Wife Anna J. Stanley

There is no evidence to suggest that Charles Stanley, an American Baptist pastor, cheated on his wife, Anna J. Stanley.

Although the couple divorced in 2000 due to irreconcilable differences, there have been no public rumors or speculations regarding any infidelity on Stanley’s part.

He has publicly regretted the divorce and spoken of his love and admiration for his former wife.

Charles Stanley ScandalThere is no evidence to suggest that Charles Stanley, an American Baptist pastor, cheated on his wife, Anna (Source: Ghbase)

The divorce of Charles and Anna Stanley generated some controversy within the Southern Baptist Convention, as there were reports that Charles had previously stated he would resign from his pastoral role if he ever got divorced.

However, after their separation, the members of his church voted overwhelmingly to keep him as the pastor.

According to First Baptist Atlanta’s bylaws, Stanley was allowed to continue serving as long as he did not remarry. Anna Stanley passed away on November 10, 2014.

Charles Stanley Passed Away On Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Charles Stanley died at 90 on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, at his home in Atlanta. The death cause was not disclosed. 

According to a report from FOX 5 Atlanta, Senior Pastor Anthony Georgia of First Baptist Atlanta stated that Stanley passed away peacefully at his home.

With over 50 years of involvement at First Baptist Church of Atlanta, Stanley served as a pastor, broadcaster, and author.

The congregation grew to over 15,000 members and became more diverse during his tenure.

He will be remembered by the entire city of U.S., as well as by First Baptist Church.

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