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Did Philippines Issued Arrest Warrant For Bill Gates? Fake News Debunked boston news

There will be hardly a person who doesn’t know Bill Gates. This man established himself as a great entrepreneur and role model for many people who drop their studies in order to follow their passion. He is the perfect example of simplicity and how each second is important. He shows the whole world that if you dream big and have passion along with a creative mind then you can achieve anything. That is why people take inspiration from him and even follow his path and it is not new to see him in the news.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Arrest Warrant Issued in Philippines

But this time, the matter is different and he is in the news for the wrong reason which is pulling the attention of the people. As per the latest report, Bill Gates’s arrest warrant has been issued in the Philippines. Now this news has become a center of attraction throughout the world and people want to know why the arrest warrant has been released against him. Most of you surely come here to know about this and we will not disappoint you. So read this blog carefully in order to get all the details related to this news.

Bill Gates

We all know that many people have lost their lives during and after corona. Excess demise has spiked in the aftermath of the vaccination drive in the country Philippines with thousands of citizens losing their lives unnecessarily and several more wounded and maimed. This statement is given by prosecutors. The court of the Philippines has released an international arrest warrant for an American business magnate, as part of a probe into the COVID-19 vaccination launch in the territory.

Bill Gates

The court of judges states that Gates, as the initiator of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is “wanted in link with hundreds of thousands of demise, a number which can’t be estimated at present and is unquestionable to increase rapidly in time.” It is not the first time that Bill Gates’s name is connected with the issue of the Philippines. In the year 2016, this country banned the entry of Gates into the Philippines and has also asked Interpol to pass on the arrest warrant as a “red notice” to other police forces throughout the globe, a request that has so far gone discontented.

The Philippines court released the order for the detain of the co-founder of Microsoft under article 248 of the revised penal code (RPC). In this article, the suspect carries a minimum jail term of 20 years and 1 day. As of now the spokesperson of the Gates Foundation rejected to make any comment on the arrest warrant. Well to know more just keep visiting this website.

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