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Donavan Bering Wife Death News Viral On Internet- What Happened boston news

Since the release of the movie “Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias,” Donavan Bering wife death news has been trending on the internet. 

Lifetime has just released its anticipated true crime drama, “Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias” (2023).

The movie is a follow-up to “Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret” (2013), one of the cable channel’s most popular true crime films. 

The documentary ended with “In loving memory of Tracy Brown,” which has raised concern for viewers. 

Is Tracy Brown dead? Find out all the answers in this article. 

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Donavan Bering Wife Death News Trending On The Internet

Donavan Bering’s wife, Tracy Brown, committed suicide on December 2022.

Her mother, Yolanda Ducharme, spread the news on her Facebook page on December 4 and shared how it devastated her.

She continued by expressing her love for her daughter and wishing her soul peace departure.

Tracy struggled with depression, which led to her later committing suicide.

Donovan received a cancer diagnosis and was receiving chemotherapy.

While trying to console her courageous partner, she was battling mental illness.

Tracy suffered a lot from watching her beloved endure the adverse effects of chemotherapy and dealing with the avalanche of hateful comments.

What Happened To Tracy Brown?

Tracy Brown passed away when she overdosed on pills. 

In 2018, Tracy married Donovan Bering. For the most part, the homosexual couple had a loving, supportive, and comforting relationship.

Donovan repeatedly expressed her gratitude to Tracy for supporting her during her battle with cancer.

In return, Brown was aware of her affection and admiration.

Bering would compliment her for Tracy’s unwavering commitment to helping her along the road.

Tracy And Donavan During A Scene Tracy And Donavan During A Scene (Source: Entertainment Tonight)

However, clinical depression is challenging, and so is fighting cancer.

In addition, things between them were far more complicated than they appeared to be.

According to Tracy’s sister, Crystal Rider, the couple fought the previous evening.

Later on, Tracy found the hidden away pill and swallowed them whole, and passed away from overdosing.

Crystal alleged that Donovan had the power to save her and stop the suicide, but in reality, the “husband” only encouraged her to commit suicide.

Who Is Jodi Arias? Where Is She Now?

Jodi Arias is a murderer who went to jail for killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Travis was fatally stabbed with 27–29 knives, shot in the head, and had his throat cut on June 4, 2008, in his home.

Jodi became an overnight sensation thanks to media trials and appearances in television specials.

On May 8, 2013, Jodi was convicted of first-degree murder and given a life sentence.

She is currently detained at the Lumley Unit at the Perryville facility in Goodyear, Arizona, despite changing cells a few times. 

Jodi Arias In Court Jodi Arias In Court (Source: Oxygen)

Tracy Brown (imprisoned for kidnapping) and Jodi first met when they were placed in a small cell together for over five months at Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona.

They grew close during this time, & Tracy even permitted Jodi to tattoo her six times.

On the other hand, Donavan Bering and Jodi were cellmates for six months while Donavan was spending time in the Maricopa County Jail for being an accessory to arson.

This pair also developed a strong bond and kept in touch afterward.

However, Donavan and Tracy cut ties with Jodi in 2016 when they met her mother after getting out of prison.

They realized that Jodi was a manipulative criminal and told their stories to the media.  

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