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Fans react on combined deal from all five sharks in season finale boston news

In this article, we are going to talk about the Shark Tank season 14 finale episode. On Friday, the Shark Tank season 14 finale aired, showcasing a unique scene in which all five sharks came together to strike a deal. The creators of EyeWris, Mark and Kenzo Singer, were fortunate businessmen. More than anything else, the father and son entered the tank to ask for advice from the sharks. The panel members were moved by their story, and they were all eager to work out a deal with Mark and Kenzo. Fans expressed their admiration for the Sharks’ joint contract on Twitter. A firm called EyeWris designs and markets wrist-mounted spectacles. The invention lowers the chance of misplacing or losing glasses because the user can carry them on his wrist everywhere he goes.

Shark Tank Eyewris Reading Glasses

Eyewris on Shark Tank

Fans of Shark Tank enjoyed and related to EyeWris’ pitch. The founders, Mark and Kenzo Singer, related how their father spent more than 60 years working as a carpenter. When Mark disclosed that he was also the creator of the well-known Gorilla Glue, the sharks were astounded. Shark Mark Cuban enquired about his needs from the Shark Tank panel because the father-and-son team didn’t appear to have a money issue. Father’s response: “To put his son in capable hands.” His words moved Lori Greiner, who broke down in tears. Viewers were moved by her tears, and they posted their thoughts on social media. The ending, according to many, was spectacular.


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The creators of EyeWris, Mark and Kenzo Singer, entered the tank in the season 14 finale of Shark Tank to demonstrate their portable reading glasses that can be worn on wrists. They demanded $25,000 from the sharks or investors in exchange for 5% of their business. They said that the goods cost about $30 to create and cost $100 to sell online. The creator of Gorilla Glue acknowledged that he put about $630,000 into the company and turned down the money from sharks. The panel’s time, not their money, according to Mark, who said he and his son came on Shark Tank to ask for it. In the event that he passed away, he wanted someone to mentor his son.

Lori Greiner presented the entrepreneurs with a deal of $25,000 for 10% shares following their moving business pitch. Kevin O’Leary also came in and offered $50,000 in exchange for a 10% stake. The other sharks also stated that they intended to approach the EyeWris creators with a contract. Although Mark and Kenzo were delighted to see so many sharks interested in their business, they insisted that no investor receive more than 5% of the company, EyeWris. After considerable deliberation, the plane decided to join forces and provide one of the most unique moments in Shark Tank history. As a result, the sharks made a joint offer of 25% of $125,000. So this was all about this article. So, Stay tuned to PKb news.


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