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Gary elementary school teacher video. Houston activist responds to teacher accused of filming adult content in class

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The teacher allegedly filmed the content in the classroom and the school restroom
Quanell X - Houston activist
Image source: – FOX 26 Houston

A former Texas teacher has been accused of filming pornographic videos at school. The videos were allegedly filmed at Adriane Mathews Gary Elementary School in Richmond, Texas, which is 33 miles outside of Houston.

Officials at the school district claimed that they learned about the incident after they received two videos that showed a former teacher performing sexual acts on the campus. One of them was filmed in the school restroom, while the other was filmed inside a classroom. The woman’s name has been omitted because criminal charges haven’t been filed yet, but an investigation is underway.

Houston activist Quanell X had quite the response when asked about the incident.

“It was horrible. It was unbelievable,” X said to Fox 26.  “When I saw the first video, I was shocked and appalled and just horrified. And you look at the video, she pulls down her top, picks out these big, big, huge breasts — crazy as h— — shakes them, and then she turns around and pulls down her pants and then pulls her panties down, spreads her cheeks and cellulite and pubic hair was everywhere. This is sickening. This is going on at a school now.”

X and another activist, Candace Matthews, held a press conference on May 29 about the incident, calling for the teacher’s license to be revoked so she can never teach again.


“This woman should never ever be allowed to be an educator, this woman should never be allowed to work around children ever again,” X said. “I believe that, if a thorough investigation takes place, you can find something criminally to bring her into a courtroom for because I’ve seen law enforcement put parents in courtrooms for far much less than this. ”

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