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George Michael Daughter Death: What Happened To Her? boston news

People wonder about George Michael Daughter Death Cause and the circumstances surrounding it. However, it has been mentioned that the artist had no kids, let alone a daughter.

They say legends are born once in a lifetime. George Michael was that iconic figure who took the music industry by storm.

Considered one of the greatest musicians of all time, Michael was also ranked among the top-selling artists.

In honor of his more than three decades of contribution to the industry, he was awarded numerous times throughout his life and even after his death.

Hence, it’s no wonder George is inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was also part of the pop duo Wham! with Andrew Ridgeley.

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George Michael Daughter Death: What Happened To Her?

As much as the late musician’s career was impressive, he was also dragged into several controversies, time and again. From his arrest for public lewdness to drug-related charges, he made headlines often.

The Wham vocalist came out as gay on live TV in 1998. He had previously come out as bisexual to his teammate Andrew Ridgeley.

It was a huge confession, and Michael’s love life and relationships always fell under the media’s radar afterward. While his affairs were always talked about, there was no indication of George having fathered any kids.

George Michael Daughter DeathGeorge Michael Daughter Death: George Michael didn’t have any children in his lifetime (Source: People)

Hence, George Michael Daughter death is merely a rumor, as he didn’t have a daughter in the first place. Instead, it was Michael’s sister, Melanie Panayiotou, who passed away tragically.

Just like her brother, Melanie died on Christmas Day, three years after George’s death on December 25, 2019.

While the cause of Melanie Panayiotou’s death hasn’t been precisely disclosed, it has been reported that she suffered from an illness before she died in hospital.

So, to conclude, George Michael’s daughter doesn’t exist, thereby debunking the rumors of her death.

Did George Michael Father A Son? Baby Mama Appeared After His Death

Now that we have discussed George Michael Daughter Death speculations, it is time to move to other topics.

As aforementioned, George Michael’s influence is ever-increasing even after several years of his death. Both positive and negative news have popped up about the artist.

Speaking of which, the late musician was accused of fathering a love child after his demise.

A Swedish woman named Ulrika Lillemor Alfa Wonwolf claimed to give birth to Michael’s child after a steamy encounter in 1997. The said event happened in the UK while on holiday.

George Michael Daughter DeathGeorge Michael Daughter Death: George Michael’s supposed baby mama came forward after his death (Source: GQ Magazine)

The accusations caused quite a stir, as George identified as a gay man and claimed to be children less when he was alive.

However, George Michael’s alleged baby mama claimed he knew about their shared child and even paid them visits. She also mentioned the artist was dating Kenny Goss at the time.

George Michael’s supposed son was in his early twenties when Ulrika confessed to the press. However, calling her claims fiction, Michael’s spokesperson denied the news.

Adding to the fact that the Wham artist denied having children when he was alive, the allegations of him fathering a son with Ulrika Lillemor Alfa Wonwolf were dismissed.

Many people and fans criticized Wonwolf on fan forums. Responding to the comments, she vehemently claimed that her son was real and that she was not asking for attention.

Furthermore, it was revealed that George Michael was planning to start a family with his then-partner, Fadi Fawaz. They were thinking of adopting or using a surrogate.

Unfortunately, before that could happen, the iconic star passed away on December 25, 2016. While there were many speculations of his death cause, it was disclosed that he died of natural causes.

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