Henry Surya Suspect in Indosurya TPPU Case, Victim Seeks Fair Trial

In a recent update, the Indonesian National Police (POLRI) has taken action through the Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) by identifying Henry Surya, the Chairman of the Savings and Loan Cooperative (KSP) Indosurya, as a suspect once again. This time, he is facing allegations related to document forgery and money laundering. The authorities have raised concerns about his involvement in these illegal activities, which could have serious implications for the cooperative and its members. The investigation into these allegations is ongoing, and the police are working diligently to gather evidence and ensure that justice is served in this case.

Victims Speak Out

Himawan Nyotoatmodjo, a victim of the KSP Indosurya fraud case, is hopeful that Henry will receive a fair trial from a judge who prioritizes justice. Himawan disclosed that he and his brother suffered losses totaling around Rp 4.1 billion. He is closely following the proceedings of the initial trial at the West Jakarta District Court. Himawan expressed concerns about the special treatment Henry Surya received during the trial, including being acquitted alongside June Indria. Himawan alleges that the panel of judges appeared to favor Henry throughout the trial, even allowing him to attend virtually while contrasting it with Ferdy Sambo’s physical presence during his trial. As a victim seeking justice, Himawan stressed the need for Henry and his associates to be held accountable for the harm caused in the KSP Indosurya case. He hopes that in the money laundering and document forgery trial, Henry Surya will face a judge who prioritizes justice above all else.

Legal Charges

In the legal proceedings involving Henry Surya for document forgery and money laundering, he is facing serious charges of counterfeiting and falsifying information in authentic documents, as well as allegations of money laundering under the Money Laundering Prevention and Eradication Act. The victims of Surya’s criminal activities are calling for a fair trial where justice prevails, emphasizing the importance of a judicial panel that prioritizes the people’s interests. The impact of Surya’s actions has been devastating, leading to significant loss of life. It is crucial that the trial is conducted with impartiality and consistency to ensure that justice is served without prejudice. The victims seek judges who will approach the case objectively and protect the rights of those affected. Stay informed about the latest developments in this case by following the news updates.

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