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How Does She Look IRL? boston news

Fans are looking for the Squchan Face Reveal. Squchan is a freelance artist and independent female English VTuber streamer.

SquChan is a laid-back space cat who enjoys entangling conversation with her charisma or tentacles.

She has a reputation for finishing pieces of art rapidly, but despite this, she finds it easy to engage in conversation while working on her most recent piece.

SquChan enjoys a good dose of banter and the odd spot of fun in being sarcastic to any unintentional trolls in the chat, but you can usually find her having a good old rant or the occasional dance Party.

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Who is Squchan?

Squchan is a freelance artist and female English VTuber streamer. Although she started Twitch streaming on June 15, 2020, she didn’t make her modeling début until February 13, 2021.

She is independently produced, but as of September 2021, she also plays for the Twitch squad Vyugen.

A chill space cat named SquChan likes to entangle conversations with her charm or tendrils.

Despite her notoriety for completing artwork quickly, she finds it simple to converse with others while working on her most recent piece. 

On October 13, 2020, she created her VTuber account and sent her first message. She launched her Twitch account on February 13, 2021. The next day, she uploaded a video introducing herself to her YouTube account.

Squchan Face Reveal: How Does She Look IRL?

Squchan revealed her face on Twitter on  Aug 4, 2022. SquChan wears her mid-length blond hair in two ponytails with sparkly lilac highlights at the tips.

Two black bows, two tiny black clips, and an ahoge in the center between her cat ears dress up these ponytails.

Her tail matches her hair, and her ears combine hair and fur, with the same color on the outside and fluffy white fur jutting out. To complete the look, two piercings are evident in her left ear.

Squchan Face RevealSquchan Face Reveal On Her Twitter Account (Source- Twitter)

Her bright eyes in red, orange, and purple, with the round pupil encircled by a black circle and the watch itself embellished with tiny hearts, are undeniably one of her most distinguishing features.

Her original model wore a white collar held together by a black ribbon, a white blouse tucked into a red skirt tied off with a loose belt that supported her signature red amulet, red stockings with one pulled above the knee and held up by a leather strap, black boots with red laces, and a pink jacket with a hood and a soft white accent on the inside.

No, Sodapoppin and Squchan are not related to each other. SquChan based Sodapoppin’s design on his VRChat model but significantly modified it.

Sodapoppin is a Twitch broadcaster from England. He rose to prominence as a monk in Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft.

He pursued a brief career in Horse Club Adventures after being relentlessly bullied by Warcraft residents for trying to participate in PvP as an energy-limited feral druid.

Sodapoppin is in court with her ex-boyfriend, Vigors, over claims that he failed to perform services.

SodapoppinTwitch streamer Sodapoppin (Source- Inside Sport)

Sodapoppin has a pale complexion and dark brown hair with a bright pink slick on the bangs. SquChan’s signature pink heart is in the upper left corner of his blue eyes. He has a mole on his right face, which he also has as FleshTuber.

A blue hairclip draws his hair back on the right side, and a ribbon bowtie with a Lil’ Purp pin on the left. Sodapoppin’s cat whiskers and tail are entirely under his control.

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