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How to Duplicate Items in TotK? boston news

We have provided our users with information on how to duplicate objects in Totk in this article. Since everyone uses the internet to learn more about anything, readers can discover all they need right here. Although technically an exploitation trick, duplicating goods in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be quite helpful for exceptionally difficult-to-find weapons, shields, and other equipment. This tutorial explains three distinct ways to replicate objects in ToK, which can result in an endless supply of diamonds, cash, or even Hylian Shields or other potent weapons.

TOTK Duplication Glitch

TOTK Duplication Glitch

The game economy is kind of ruined by these replication techniques, which are probably certainly going to be patched out in the near future. Therefore, you must take care not to update your game past version 1.1.0 if you want this to operate. Due to differences in consistency and utility, there are three basic types of duping. The first option is to duplicate materials currently in your inventory. To do this, all you need is a bow and the item you wish to copy. Before you begin, be aware that you must complete each step swiftly without pausing. You can increase your chances of success with a little practice.

Try again if the item duplication bug doesn’t work. The most frequent cause of failure is failing to quickly hit the plus button twice. If you have a Pro Controller, try using it because the button is simpler to press. But you must also complete the process swiftly, pausing no longer than a second between each step. Second, is having many shields or weapons in your inventory. The hardest method is this one since it takes so long. We still struggle to consistently duplicate it, and on two occasions we actually lost the object we were attempting to. Recognize the danger and make sure you are prepared with a recent auto-save.

According to what we can discern, Modoki_Returns and YouTuber Blaines both contributed to the discovery of this bug, so great props to them both. Duplicate New (Undiscovered) Weapons and Shields are the ASs for the third option. Though relatively simple, making copies of newly found weaponry is the most difficult and situational. The ability to quickly press the plus button twice in a row is not necessary for this strategy. You can have an endless supply of diamonds or other gems by employing this dupe method to create potent weapons and arrows, precious meats, or anything that can be sold to maximize your rupees.

TOTK Duplication Glitch

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