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How To Use Blonde Hair Filter On TikTok? Step-ByStep Guide boston news

There are many applications to use but some of them are quite popular and used by almost everyone. Not only for entertainment but some of the apps and social media platforms use to earn money and fame at the same time. TikTok is one such platform that is widely popular almost in the entire world except for the country where this Chinese app is banned. This app brings new features from time to time so that users don’t get bored and they can use it to make their Tiktok videos more attractive.


How To Use Blonde Hair Filter On TikTok?

The recent feature of this app is highly liked by the people and they are using and sharing their thoughts on it. However, there are some people who have not known about this feature and now they are keen to know what is it and how they can use it. As per the latest report, a new filter is added to one of the most popular short video-making apps. Now those who want to know how they can use this new filter need to read this blog. Let’s find out together how to use the viral Blonde Hair Filter. The craze of this filter is not hidden from anyone and it has taken over Tiktok this month.


The month of April is particularly for filters and people are quite excited to use this filter as it can change their appearance if anyone wants to have blonde hair will also get to know how it looks on them. The Long Hair Filters are amusing for men who want to watch how they would look with long hair. This “Gender Swap Filter” is quite funnier and getting popular among users. It uses scarily accurate AI technology in order to make a realistic depiction of what a person would look like as the opposite gender. Apart from it, another filter is getting viral on TikTok which is “Blonde Hair Filter“.


Blonde Hair Filter On TikTok Explained

This filter makes the hair of the user blonde and females are really liking it. However, there are many people who want to know how this filter is different from others as there are many hair color-changing filters available online. This latest blonde filter creepily looks real and gives the user an accurate picture of what he or she would look like if they were not a brunette. With just one click a person can change their look. This filter is not actually on Tiktok. It is available on an app called FaceApp. This application is free to download. Now read the steps mentioned below in order to know how to use this application.

  • First thing is to upload your picture
  • After that click on the option “Hair Colors” mentioned in the bar at the bottom
  • Select “Black” or “Blond” look
  • After selecting that, use the slider in order to adjust the hair color
  • After completing the entire process, the user can download the picture.

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