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Is Biggie From Baddies West A Man? Ethnicity & Family boston news

Zeus’ “Baddie West” is an American Reality TV show created by Natalie Nunn and Tanisha Thomas, which stars twelve women who interact and prove why they’re indeed the Baddies of the west.

One of the critical topics circulating on the Internet about this show is: “Is Biggie From Baddies West A Man?” Thus, we are here with the answer to it. 

From her gender identity and ethnicity to her net worth, we have it all covered in this article. 

Biggie’s clash with one of the contestants, Suzanne “Stunna Girl,” got extremely viral on TikTok and YouTube and is still trending on many other social media.

Is Biggie From Baddies West A Man? 

No, Biggie From Baddies West is not a man nor a transwoman. She is one of the significant people branching out in the show, like the Stunna Girl, Tommy and Natalie.

But the thing that runs the attention of the media is that she’s an innocent biological woman who’s a victim of transphobia.

The people in the media are misgendering her, calling her a man just because she doesn’t have society’s “traits” perfectly aligned with her being a woman.

Haven’t we seen many times where a woman is too tall, her voice is too deep, or her hands are so big, and automatically she’s being called a man or trans?

There is a term called cisgender,” meaning that the person uses the same gender identity as when they were assigned at birth. 

Is Biggie From Baddies West A Man Is Biggie From Baddies West A Man? (Source: Instagram)

Biggie is known for being the lumberjack who creates the Drama and grooves the entertainment to the show, but sadly, the community and the show itself create such a situation where people question her gender.

And the saddest part is that the show has just begun, and we do not know what’s coming next. Nevertheless, Biggie is a confident woman who is proud of her femineity.

She posts clips of the show where she quarrels and sometimes enjoys with other participants of the exhibition “Baddies West.”

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Biggie Ethnicity And Family

Another controversial take from the media was regarding her ethnicity since she repeatedly uses the N-word, despite calling herself a Latino Woman.

In the show, she is very proud of her Dominican heritage, and few people have a twisted take on her calling herself a Latino and then frequently using the N-Word.

The thing is that Dominica is a part of Caribbean Nations and few people identify themselves as Latino while others identify themselves as African. 

Thus, the lines of who’s black and who isn’t and who gets to use the n-word become pretty complicated and blurred.

Biggie From Baddie West Ethnicity and Family | Is Biggie From Baddies West A Man? (Source: Instagram)

Many people have called her a hypocrite, and few are even trying to cancel her from the Internet for using the n-word after identifying herself as a Latino Woman.

Talking about her family, she has not mentioned anything about her parents or potential siblings. The 26-year-old “Baddie” hails from Providence, Rhode Island.

Baddies West: Biggie Net Worth

According to Gossip Next Door, Baddie West’s Biggie has amassed an approximate net worth of around $200K as of 2023.

After digging up her Instagram, we discovered that she might’ve worked as a security guard at Lit Lounge, Providence, before her appearance in Baddie West.

On average, a security guard makes an average income of $14.93/hour in Rhode Island. She posted a photo with the caption mentioning that nightlife is her life’s number one security.

 Baddie WestBiggie from Baddie West (Source: Instagram)

She must’ve made a substantial chunk of money from her appearance in “Baddie West.”  

Her Instagram post now has a bio mentioning herself as an “Entrepreneur,” which is probably what she has been seeking after she came into the limelight of media and paparazzi.

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Biggie On Baddies West

It’s hard to change a society’s stereotypical view of women; they expect women to be shy and demure.

However, Baddies West introduces a group of women who are not afraid of being themselves and rejecting any stereotypical ideology that society imposes on them.

Biggie, who is from Providence, is 26 years old and appeared in the Baddies West auditions.

She traveled six hours by plane for her Baddies West audition, and the trip was totally worthwhile.

Along with Razor and Stunna Girl, who are both new Baddies on the show, the star won over the panel, which included Natalie Nunn.

Due to her tall stature and deep voice, Biggie has been the victim of people misgendering her. But, she is not afraid of such speculations and proudly shows off her tall figure and style.

Biggie On Baddies West Biggie With Her Sunglasses On (Source: Instagram)

Baddies West recently had its third episode on February 5, 2023, and fans have been loving the girls’ interactions so far.

While the third episode ended with the girls’ rising frustrations against Stunna Girl, more things are yet to be unraveled on the show.

As per the show’s plot, the baddies entertain and host at some of the hottest clubs in the cities, all the while trying their friendships and patience. However, the tensions are already on high alert from the second episode onwards.

So, how will Biggie and the other baddies solve their issues and maintain harmony? How will their friendship unravel? To get all the deets, keep watching Baddies West.

Likewise, Biggie has been promoting the show on her social media handle. Looking at her posts, she seems to be enjoying media attention and has landed several gigs.

For instance, Biggie will be attending alongside other baddies at Set It Off Friday on February 17. She is also the event’s coordinator, and artist Tommie Lee will also be featured in it.

Aside from that, Biggie is also available for plus-size modeling, radio interviews, hosting, club appearances, podcast, small acting roles, endorsements, and more.

For the projects mentioned above, you can contact Biggie via her social media or agent.

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