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Is Gabi Hernandez leaving Days Of Our Lives? boston news

Gabi is said to be leaving the show, Days Of Our Lives. What is the reason behind her leaving the show? People are curious to know more about the reason behind her leaving the show. You will get complete details about Gabi leaving Days of Lives. Keep reading for more information.

Gabi Hernandez

Who is Behind The Famous Gabi Hernandez?

Gabi Hernandez is a demanded and famous character in the soap opera Days Of Our Lives. The show telecasts on NBC Network, 2009. The show is written by Dena Higley and Christopher Whitesell. Who is behind the famous role of Gabi Fernandez? The character of Gabi Fernandez is played by Gabriela Rodriguez in the beginning. Gabriela played it for one year from 20th November 2009 to 4th October 2010. It was taken by Camila Banus who is continuing to play since then.

Gabi Hernandez

The show is full of drama, romance, and conflict. In the show, she is shown to have multiple relationships. Will Horton and Gabi’s romance is the most liked one. Will Horton is played by Chandler Massey. Her character is always appreciated. She has also earned several awards for the same. She has earned Daytime Emmy Award Nomination. She was awarded Outstanding Young Actress in Drama Series in 2015. Playing this role also helped her get more roles and new opportunities. People are curious to know whether Camila Banus is leaving the show.

Gabi Hernandez

Is Camila Banus Urf Gabi Hernandez Leaving Days Of Our Lives?

Camila Banus is said to be leaving Days Of Our Lives. Fans are disheartened after the news. They want her to continue performing. New characters will come into the show. According to sources, she is leaving the show. There is no confirmation about the same. We will update you as soon as we get confirmation about the same.

She plays the daughter of Eduardo Hernandez. Her mother’s role is played by A. Martinez. Her sister, Rafe Hernandez, is played by Alen Gering Dario Hernandez is played by Jordi Vilasuso. Her romance is famous with Will Horton that is played by Chandler Massey. Another partner is Stefan DilMera played by Brandon Barash.

Camila Banus announced her discontinuation from the show on 1st May 2023. The reason behind her leaving the show is said that she wants to focus on the next opportunities. People want her to continue but according to the announcement she will not be seen in the show anymore. Stay tuned for more details.

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