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Is He Taylor Giavasis Dad? boston news

The Instagram Influencer Taylor Giavasis’s dad Bobby Lee Cutts Jr.’s arrest news spread like wildfire across Ohio.

He got arrested for the murder of a woman from Lake Township in Ohio named Jessie Davis. Jesse Davis Jail topic now trends on the web. 

Instagram influencer Taylor Giavasis is the fiancee of popular YouTuber Nash Grier.

The public often finds interest in their past and parents’ life. People have been following her since her dad went to jail for a murder case. 

Following his arrest news the public wanted to know why so the news went viral on the Internet.

If you want to know why he is in Jail, this post will help you know about Taylor Giavasis’s parents and why her dad faced life imprisonment. 

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Jesse Davis Jail: Bobby Lee Cutts Jr. Serves The Life Imprisonment For The Murder Of A Woman

According to Freshers Live, Taylor Giavasis’ Father, Bobby Lee Cutts Jr., was arrested and in jail for the murder of a woman from Lake Township in Ohio named Jessie Davis. 

Jesse Davis Jail: Bobby Lee Cutts Jr.Jesse Davis’s murderer Bobby Lee Cutts Jr. faced life imprisonment. (Source: Heavy)

Reportedly, Cutts murdered Jessie Davis in June 2007 and was convicted of the charges in 2008.

Also, the influencer’s dad was found guilty of child endangering, burglary, and corpse abuse.

The law enforcement personnel gathered enough evidence. The court testimonials and trials sentenced him to life imprisonment without parole for 57 years.

Moreover, Cutts was an officer and served his duty with the Canton Police Department at the time of the murder.

So, initially, he was out of the suspect list as he was serving as a duty officer. 

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Is Bobby Lee Cutts Jr. Taylor Giavasis Dad?

There is a huge complication regarding the relationship between the two parties, but clearly, Davis is not Taylor’s dad.

According to the ABC News published on 8 January 2009, Jessie Davis and her unborn child’s murderer Bobby Cutts Jr. allegedly abused Nikki Giavasis’ daughter from another relationship.

Although his daughter’s name was not mentioned in that news article, the unknown girl now comes out to be Taylor Giavasis.

Taylor Giavasis dad Taylor Giavasis’s dad is in jail for Jesse Davis’s murder. (Source: Kemi Filani)

Taylor is Nikki Giavasis and Bobby Cutts Jr.’s daughter. But, she kept her mother’s last name as she doesn’t have a good history with her Father.

Troubled man Cutts has a history of crime and violence, as he killed Jessie Davis and her unborn child.

According to the source, his ex-girlfriend Nikki Giavasis accused him of abusing his own daughter Taylor describing it as “hitting, biting, and throwing objects” at young Taylor. 

Taylor, 9, went to the California doctor, Janice Carter-Lourensz, who examined the girl and reported serious allegations, including suspected child abuse and neglect by Mr. Cutt.

Taylor revealed to the examiner saying:

He (referring to her Father) hits me and it hurts. He throws a water bottle or a TV remote or at me. Then, he laughs it off and says he was just playing.

The former Police officer Cutt had a history of multiple disturbing events of emotional, verbal, and physical abuse. 

Although Cutts never had physically assaulted his daughter sexually, he has passed sexually inappropriate comments to his daughter.

Good riddance, as the disturbing man serves life imprisonment and is forbidden from misuse of Police authority power to disrupt society and promote violence. 

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