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John Owen Lowe Gay Rumors, Girlfriend Olivia Rodriguez 2024 boston news

John Owen Lowe Gay Rumors have created chaotic Internet turbulence among netizens. Thus, this article will detail his Girlfriend, Olivia Rodriguez, and heterosexual preferences.

Lowe has worked in several T.V. Series and Films, including The Grinder, Holiday in the wild, The Lowe Files, and Unstable as an Actor or Producer.

In addition to his acting pursuits, Lowe has taken on a producing role for the 2023 film Grace Point and an upcoming Netflix series titled Unstable, in which he will also be acting alongside his Father, Rob Lowe.

Addressing John Owen Lowe Gay Rumors: Meet His Girlfriend, Olivia Rodriguez 

To address John Owen Lowe Gay rumors, let’s have a brief introduction to his girlfriend, Olivia Rodriguez, and their relationship.

John Owen Lowe’s girlfriend, Olivia Rodriguez, born in May 2001 and raised in California, is a 23-year-old American Model.

Judging by their social media posts, it’s evident that John and Olivia share a lovely bond, featuring prominently on each other’s Instagram accounts.

On his Instagram handle, @johnnylowe, John has a considerable following of 188K, while Olivia has an impressive 88K followers on her account, @oliviarodriguez.

Olivia frequently shares gorgeous photographs of herself wearing elegant outfits from different brands, including bikini shots, as part of her modeling profession on her social media account.

John Owen Lowe GirlfriendAddressing John Owen Lowe Gay Rumors | A photo with his girlfriend Olivia Rodriguez (Source: Instagram)

Based on the information on her LinkedIn profile, she is affiliated with Industry Model Management Limited, which provides her with modeling offers.

She has garnered work experience with several well-known global brands, including Guess, Chanel, ASOS, and Nordstrom.

Before joining Industry Model Management Limited, Rodriguez collaborated with Elite Model Management and was featured in prominent publications such as Ladygunn Magazine, Allure, Q.P. Magazine, Vogue Italia, Forbes, and Solstice Magazine.

 Additionally, she attended La Costa Canyon High School in Carlsbad, California, and will graduate from the University of California Santa Barbara this year.

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Meet John Owen Lowe Family

John Owen Lowe, aged 28, was born in November 1995 as the son of the famous American Actor Rob Lowe and his spouse, Sheryl.

His Father, Rob Lowe, has earned fame as a prominent member of the Brat Pack. He is renowned for his remarkable performances in several movies, including The Hotel New Hampshire, St. Elmo’s Fire, About Last Night, and Square Dance.

Sheryl Berkoff, John’s mother, is a versatile professional who works as a makeup artist and runs her successful business, Sheryl Lowe Jewelry.

Rob and Sheryl’s romantic journey commenced with a blind date in 1983, eventually leading to a long-lasting relationship, culminating in their marriage in 1991.

John Owen Lowe Family John Owen Lowe Family (Source: Instagram)

John Owen Lowe is the second-born child to his parents, Rob and Sheryl, with an elder brother named Matthew Edward Lowe (born in 1993), currently pursuing his career in the legal domain.

Chad Lowe, the award-winning Actor from the television show Life Goes On, happens to be the uncle of the Lowe brothers.

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John Owen Lowe Net Worth

According to Web Star Portal, American Actor John Owen Lowe has an estimated Net Worth of $5 Million as of 2024.

The estimated amount should be taken with a grain of salt due to the variability in the actual figure, given the complexities of his family background and the nuances of his acting career.

John Owen LoweUnstable Cast John Owen Lowe is also a major producer in Hollywood (Source: Instagram)

28 years old Owen primarily generates revenue from his Actor, writer, and producer work.

Recently, John purchased a luxurious property for $3.4 million in Sherman Oaks, L.A., California, previously owned by the dancer Derek Hough.

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Is John Owen Lowe An Alcoholic? Addiction Explained

Although John is only in his twenties, he has been through a lot. From his alcoholism to turning sober, it has been a long journey for the young man.

Celebs either share their inner struggles with the public or try to keep all of them hidden. Lowe has been honest and open about his battle with addiction in his teens and college years. It is a story of finding oneself with grief, heartache, and sadness mixed-journey.

Throughout his sobriety journey, one person has always been by his side, and that is John Owen Lowe’s father, Rob Lowe. The latter turned sober at twenty-six after years of alcohol and drug abuse.

John Owen Lowe AddictionJohn Owen Lowe’s dad, Rob Lowe, helped him when he was turning sober (Source: POPSUGAR)

John Owen’s parents supported him throughout his sobriety journey. Initially, he felt suffocated and their actions abrasive. But once he understood how much his parents loved and cared for him, John let them help him become sober.

The young actor’s addiction was severe that he had been hospitalized several times. He turned to alcohol due to his self-doubt, uncomfortability with himself, and increasing insecurity. Talking about his experience, John shared,

Many times I could have died. I really liked to push the limits of my body and numb out as much as I could.

It makes me sad to think about.

Rob was fearful for his son’s life during those years. However, he knew he couldn’t pressure his son to turn sober. He arranged everything only after John was ready to turn to them for help.

Recently, Rob surprised his son with a five-year sobriety chip in April 2023. Presenting the chip, he mentioned how much he loves John and is proud of him in The Drew Barrymore Show. The latter was pleasantly surprised, and the dad-son duo embraced warmly.

The Grinder star has always been vocal about his old man’s support during his battle with addiction. He has repeatedly expressed gratitude towards his dad, who never left his side during his worst times.

The father-son duo’s love is one of a kind, and we can say John is lucky to have a supportive dad like Rob. Overall, we wish John more years of sobriety and prosperity in the coming days. 

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