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Kayla DiCello Injury: What Happened at the U.S. Olympic Trials?

Kayla DiCello, a 20-year-old gymnast and former Olympic team alternate, faced a heartbreaking setback during the U.S. Olympic trials in Minneapolis. The incident has not only ended her Olympic dreams for 2024 but also raised concerns about the future of U.S. gymnastics.

What Happened: The Injury

kayla dicello injury

The Vault Incident

During the first night of the U.S. Olympic trials on June 28, 2024, Kayla DiCello was performing on the vault. Aiming for a double-twisting Yurchenko vault, she landed awkwardly, executing only a single flip before collapsing on the mat. Medical personnel quickly attended to her, and she was taken off the competition floor in a wheelchair.

The Nature of the Injury

DiCello had been managing Achilles soreness prior to the trials. The injury on the vault exacerbated her condition, resulting in a severe right leg injury. Witnesses described the moment as heartbreaking, with DiCello sitting on the mat in tears.

Medical Response and Diagnosis

Immediately after the incident, DiCello was examined by medical staff. She was diagnosed with a significant leg injury, which would prevent her from continuing in the trials and competing in the upcoming Olympics.

The Viral Video: Social Media Reactions

Footage of the Incident

A video viral of the injury quickly spread across social media platforms, capturing the emotional moment when DiCello realized her Olympic dreams were dashed. The footage has sparked an outpouring of support from fans and fellow athletes.

Public and Media Response

The public reaction has been one of shock and sympathy. Media outlets like ESPN and The New York Times have covered the incident extensively, highlighting the impact of DiCello’s injury on the U.S. gymnastics team.

Kayla DiCello’s Career and Achievements

Rising Star in U.S. Gymnastics

Before her injury, DiCello was a rising star in the gymnastics world. She had previously served as an alternate on the 2020 Olympic team and had high hopes for the 2024 Olympics.

Recent Performances

DiCello had been in excellent form leading up to the trials. She won the Winter Cup earlier this year and placed third in the all-around and second on floor exercise at the recent U.S. Championships.

Impact on the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team

Depth of the Team Tested

DiCello’s injury, along with those of Shilese Jones (tweaked left knee) and Skye Blakely (ruptured Achilles), has put significant pressure on the depth of the U.S. Olympic gymnastics program. These injuries have forced the team to reassess its lineup and strategies.

Withdrawal of Other Key Athletes

Both Jones and Blakely had to withdraw from the trials due to their respective injuries. The loss of these athletes has raised concerns about the overall readiness and strength of the U.S. team heading into the Olympics.

The Aftermath: Latest Update

Recovery and Rehabilitation

As of the latest update, DiCello is focusing on her recovery and rehabilitation. She has expressed gratitude for the support she has received and is determined to come back stronger.

Future Prospects

While the injury has ended her 2024 Olympic hopes, DiCello remains optimistic about her future in gymnastics. Her resilience and dedication suggest that she will continue to be a significant figure in the sport.

The Road Ahead for U.S. Gymnastics

Addressing Injuries

The series of injuries at the trials has highlighted the need for better injury prevention and management within U.S. gymnastics. The coaching staff and medical team are likely to implement new measures to protect athletes’ health and well-being.

Preparing for the Olympics

Despite the setbacks, the U.S. gymnastics team is preparing rigorously for the Olympics. The remaining athletes are stepping up to fill the gaps, demonstrating the depth and talent of the program.


The injury to Kayla DiCello is a poignant reminder of the physical and emotional challenges faced by athletes. While her Olympic dreams for 2024 may be over, her spirit and determination continue to inspire. As the U.S. gymnastics team gears up for the Olympics, the legacy of athletes like DiCello will undoubtedly motivate them to strive for excellence.


What happened to Kayla DiCello?

Kayla DiCello suffered a right leg injury during the U.S. Olympic trials while performing on the vault.

What was Kayla DiCello aiming for in her vault routine?

DiCello was aiming for a double-twisting Yurchenko vault but ended up executing a single flip due to her injury.

How has Kayla DiCello’s injury impacted the U.S. gymnastics team?

Her injury, along with those of other key athletes, has put pressure on the team’s depth and raised concerns about their readiness for the Olympics.

What are Kayla DiCello’s future plans?

DiCello is focusing on recovery and rehabilitation and remains optimistic about her future in gymnastics.

How is the U.S. gymnastics team preparing for the Olympics after these injuries?

The team is implementing new measures for injury prevention and management while remaining athletes are stepping up to fill the gaps.

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