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Lindsay Shiver Wikipedia And Age: Parents Family boston news

People want to know about Lindsay Shiver Wikipedia and Age. Her family and social media status.

Lindsay Shiver is a resident of Georgia and the wife of former football player Robert Shiver. She was recently arrested for plotting the plan to murder her husband, Robert.

Lindsay is the mother of three children. And She prepared the murder plans with her lover Terrance Bethel.

Furthermore, Lindsay was arrested in the Bahamas. Apart from Lindsay and Terrance, there was the involvement of another person named Faron Newbold.

The police departments found the text messages between them at the beginning of this month. Later, thoses messages were discovered on the phone of a burglar at Grabber’s Bar and Grill in the Bahamas.

Lindsay Shiver has represented herself in several beauty pageant events. She is also widely active on social media. 

Apart from her family, it is shocking for her social media fans and followers. As per Sportskeeda, Three of them were taken to court on 28 July 2023, and they will next appear in court on 5 October 2023.

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Lindsay Shiver Wikipedia And Age: Parents And Family

As per the reports, Lindsay Shiver is currently 36 years old. She is the former Miss Houston Country and the 2nd runner-up of the National Peanut Festival pageant.

Lindsay was also a cheerleader, living with her family in their house in the Bahamas. Regarding her relationship with her husband, Robert, the couple met in 2007 in a fitness class.

Talking about Robert Shiver, he joined and played football for the Auburn University Tigers. He was a long snapper from 2006 to 2009. Furthermore, he was also a part of the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent.

Lindsay Shiver WikipediaLindsay Shiver is the mother of three children. (Source: Sportskeeda)

Lindsay Shiver is the mother of three children, Grayson Shiver, Landon Shiver, and Rhett Shiver.

According to the sources, Lindsay and Robert had a terrible relationship after Robert discovered Lindsay’s affair with Terrance Bethel. Robert Shiver later appealed for divorce with Lindsay Shiver. 

Talking about Lindsay’s family, as per, she was born in Dothan City, Alabama, to her father, Andy Shirley, and her mother, Cecilla D. Shirley. 

She also has three two siblings, Brandon Shirley, and Craig Shirley. Moreover, she studied at Houston Academy and later joined Auburn University.

Lindsay Social-Media Status

Lindsay was very active on social media, especially on Instagram, with around 1584 followers. 

Lindsay often posted pictures with her family, children, and friends. She also posted about her trips and vacations with her children.

Furthermore, the former beauty pageant has 1488 posts, and we can see a glimpse of a happy family in the posts. 

Lindsay Shiver WikipediaLindsay Shiver was active on social media. (Source: Sportskeeda)

In 2020 Lindsay shared their marriage picture on Instagram and wrote a caption describing that she was very thankful for her meeting with Robert in a fitness class thirteen years ago. She also wrote that she was happy for the love, laughter, and life they created and wanted to see many more.

Through her Instagram posts, the Shiver family seemed happy and joyful. But now it’s really sad to know that their relationship is breaking.

Overall, it’s really sad and shocking for the entire Shiver family for such actions of Lindsay Shiver. Nobody has a right to hurt anyone. The court will investigate Lindsay, and the other two people might release statements and results soon.

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