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Meet Daughter Eleanor Talitha And Son James boston news

Meet the rising stars of the Aoki-Bailey family: Devon Aoki kids and talented and stylish children.

Devon Aoki is an excellent and talented person. She’s not just famous for being an actress and a model, but she’s also known for her sense of style.

You might have seen her in movies or on fashion magazine covers. She’s been in films like “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Sin City,” where she showed off her acting skills.

Devon was born in New York City and grew up in a family connected to fashion. Her dad founded the famous Benihana restaurant chain, and her mom was a model.

So, it’s no surprise that Devon followed in their footsteps.

Besides her career, Devon is a mom to her kids. She’s living a busy life, juggling her work and family responsibilities.

But she keeps shining in the spotlight, showing you can do everything if you set your mind.

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Devon Aoki Kids: How Many Children Does He Have? 

Devon Aoki has four lovely children. She tied the knot with James Bailey in 2011; together, they built a wonderful family.

Their four kids are named James Hunter, who is ten years old, Alessandra Linville, who is eight years old; Eleanor Talitha, who is six.

And the youngest of the bunch, Evelyn, is just one year old.

These kids not only inherited their parents’ good looks but also seemed to be following in their mother’s footsteps in the world of modeling.

Devon Aoki KidsDevon Aoki with her kids. (Source: Instagram)

It’s no surprise, considering their mom’s successful career in the fashion industry.

Devon and James must be proud parents, nurturing and supporting their children as they grow and explore their paths in life.

With their genes and the guidance of their talented parents, these kids will make their mark in whatever they choose to pursue.

Devon Aoki Daughter: Meet Eleanor And Talitha

Devon Aoki has two adorable daughters named Eleanor and Talitha. Eleanor is the older of the two and is currently six years old.

Talitha, the younger sister, is also growing up fast. These two little girls are the apple of their parents’ eyes.

Devon and her husband, James Bailey, are known for their successful careers, and it seems like their daughters might be taking after them in the future.

Devon, a well-known model and actress, and James, an entrepreneur, have likely set great examples for their children to look up to.

Eleanor and Talitha are not just cute; they’re also lucky to have a loving and supportive family.

With their parents’ guidance and the opportunities that come their way, these sisters have a bright future ahead.

Whether they decide to follow in their parent’s footsteps or choose their paths, there’s no doubt that they will do great things in life.

Devon Aoki Son: Who Is James Hunter?

James Hunter is the eldest child of Devon Aoki and her husband, James Bailey. He’s ten years old and a central part of their loving family.

Growing up with a famous mom and a successful dad, James Hunter is exposed to glamour and opportunity.

Devon Aoki, known for her modeling and acting career, and James Bailey, an entrepreneur, have likely instilled important values and provided a nurturing environment for their son.

Devon Aoki KidsPhoto of Devon Aoki son and daughter. (Source: Instagram)

While James Hunter is still relatively young, his parents’ influence and guidance will significantly shape his future.

It’s too early to tell what path James Hunter might choose, whether he’ll follow in his parent’s footsteps or discover his passions and interests.

Regardless, he has a world of possibilities ahead with his supportive family and available resources. We can expect to see more of him as he grows and learns.

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