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Meet Haven Madison Parents: Jason Roy and Cortni boston news

As American Idol fans await the debut of the 21st season, one contestant has already piqued their interest: Haven Madison.

This high school student has already earned a reputation for herself in the music world, and people want to know more about Haven Madison Parents.

“American Idol” is back on TV for its 21st season on February 19 and will continue for about 18 episodes until late May.

Ryan Seacrest is expected to return as a presenter, with Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie serving as judges.

The judges have worked together for six years and are second on the panels behind Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, and Randy Jackson.

The concept of the program will have multiple “Idol” alums returning to help competitors negotiate various phases of the competition.

Auditions were held in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., with judges’ auditions in Las Vegas, Nashville, and New Orleans. Fans can see each episode the next day after it airs on Hulu.

The return of “American Idol” has been eagerly anticipated by its loyal fanbase, who have followed the show for over two decades.

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Meet Jason and Cortni Roy – Haven Madison Parents

Jason Roy is the lead singer for the Grammy-nominated Christian contemporary band, Building 429. He is also the proud dad of two talented children, Haven and Avery.

He met his wife, Cortni (Weiland), while she was serving as a Summer Youth Intern in the late 90s. Jason is not just a musician but also a Jesus-following husband, Father, worship Leader, and artist.

His life is a whirlwind, but he is always ready to carve away at himself and others who are willing to grow to become all that they were meant to be in the eyes of Christ.

Haven Madison Parents Jason Roy And Cortni Roy During Their US Tour (Source: itickets)

Cortni, on the other hand, is a devoted wife, mother, and homeschool teacher.

She is passionate about educating her children and has homeschooled them as they travel around the country on Building 429’s tour bus.

Haven Madison Roy is the daughter of Jason and Cortni Roy, and she is following in her Father’s musical footsteps.

Haven has been singing and performing since she was four and has already made a name for herself in the Christian music industry.

Haven Madison Journey to American Idol

Haven Madison has always been surrounded by music, thanks to her Father’s career in the music industry. Being on tour with her family was when she discovered her passion for music.

She has released her EP titled All the Things I Didn’t Say, which includes a duet with her brother.

In an exclusive interview with Clarksville Now, Ms. Madison shared how her Father encouraged her to perform for the first time.

“He said, ‘Go out there and sing with him!’ I was like, absolutely not. He said, ‘I’ll pay you 20 bucks if you go out there!’

And he raised it! He said, ‘I will pay you 40 bucks if you go out there and sing like you already are back here.”

Haven Madison Parents Haven Madison With Her Highschool Cheerleader Group (Source: clarksvillenow)

Haven is now set to showcase her talent on the American Idol stage, hoping to impress judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

The Roy Family Love for Music

It’s no secret that music runs in the Roy family’s blood. Jason’s successful career as the lead singer of Building 429 has inspired his children to pursue their passion for music.

Haven has already made a name for herself, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Avery followed in his Father’s footsteps in the future.

As American Idol’s new season premieres, viewers can’t wait to see Haven Madison take the stage and show off her talent.

Haven Madison’s parents’ unwavering support and love for music will surely help her succeed in the music industry.

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Haven Madison Amazes Audiences With Her Original Songs

Songwriting requires more than creating lyrics. Alongside arranging a hook, chorus, verses, and bridge (if necessary) while composing a song, songwriters also focus on producing melody and music suitable for the composition.

As songwriting is a challenging job, oftentimes, even veterans have trouble creating a new piece. So, imagine people’s surprise when a teen creates two original songs worth being called masterpieces. Here, we are talking about Haven Madison, a 17-year-old American Idol contestant who had audiences and judges transfixed by her original tracks.

The rising Tennessee singer initially performed her original song, Fifteen, during her audition. Her dad, Jason Roy, played the guitar at that time. Furthermore, her performance won judges’ hearts, with Lionel Richie calling her songwriting ability incredible. Likewise, Katy Perry complimented her vocals.

Haven once more sang Fifteen after making it to the show’s top twenty. Despite performing it for the second time, her performance was mesmerizing and a testament to why she is worthy of being Top 12 in American Idol Season 21.

Haven Madison Original SongsHaven Madison performed Fifteen after making it to the Top 12 in American Idol (Source: The Sun)

Besides Fifteen, Madison performed another of her original songs, Still Need You, in the show. Her brother, Avery’s battle with depression inspired her to create the track. Hence, the song is closer to the young artist’s heart, and its lyrics hit right at home with the theme of providing comfort to her sibling.

Haven mentioned how she started writing Still Need You after feeling like she didn’t have anyone to share about what was happening in her life. In her own words, the track was “her last hope in convincing her brother to stick around.”

Thankfully, Haven Madison’s brother is fine and healing now. Having a supportive sister like Haven, he must have felt assured and found someone to share his struggles with. Most of the time, people who are depressed just need someone with whom they can talk and exchange their feelings.

Furthermore, we are pretty sure Avery is cheering for his sister, Haven, on the sidelines. Who knows, she might even win the American Idol this season.

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