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Police Seize 3,500 Liters of Alcohol Found in House Disguised as Rat Brand Tofu Factory.

In a recent crackdown, the Tanralili Police in Maros, South Sulawesi, conducted a successful operation where they confiscated a significant amount of Cap Tikus alcohol from a residence located in Lekopancing Village, Tanralili District, Maros Regency. The search also led to the discovery of a room believed to be a distillery. Further investigations indicated that the individual responsible for the operation of the distillery is of Chinese heritage. This incident highlights the ongoing efforts of law enforcement to combat illegal alcohol production and distribution in the region, as well as the diverse backgrounds of those involved in such illicit activities.

Suspected Distillery Disguised as Tofu Factory

Local residents reported suspicious activities at a factory posing as a tofu production facility, prompting authorities to investigate. Upon inspection, authorities discovered distillation machines and 3,500 liters of Cap Tikus alcohol, leading to the confiscation of the items. The case has now been transferred to the Maros Police for further investigation, with the factory owner being pursued by law enforcement. The seizure is expected to curb the circulation of illegal alcohol in the Maros area. This incident sheds light on the persistent issue of illegal alcohol production and distribution, with law enforcement agencies working diligently to protect public health and safety.

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