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Raven Jeffress Car Accident: Georgia State Student Killed boston news

Regarding Raven Jeffress Car Accident, Jeffress, an excellent dean’s list student, was killed on March 27, 2023, in a hit-and-run weeks before graduation.

Raven Jeffress, a 25 years old Georgia student who was about to graduate, tragically lost her life in a car accident. 

Unfortunately, she was in a terrible accident where a driver in the wrong direction hit her and drove away without stopping. This happened a few weeks before she was supposed to attend her graduation ceremony.

Raven’s mother, Pamela Elder Mobley, spoke about her daughter and said she was a fantastic person. Raven was a cheerleader and worked hard to raise awareness about mental health.

Mobley expressed deep sadness, saying that some of her and their family had been taken away. She also mentioned that Raven had plans to pursue higher education and become a psychologist.

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Raven Jeffress Car Accident: Georgia State Student Killed By Wrong-Way Driver

Raven Jeffress was hit in a severe accident at the corner of Langford Parkway and Fleet Street.

The Atlanta police mentioned that a Honda Accord drove in the wrong direction onto the exit ramp and collided head-on with Jeffress. People who saw the incident told the police that two men exited the car and ran away. 

Raven Jeffress Car AccidentRaven Jeffress was involved in a severe accident at the intersection of Langford Parkway and Fleet Street (Source: HowAfrica)

As per the incident report from the Atlanta police, a witness stayed with Jeffress, who didn’t respond or show any signs of consciousness until the emergency responders arrived.

She was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where the doctors sadly informed her family that she had no brain activity. Three days later, Jeffress passed away.

According to the reports, it is known that, after finishing her GSU studies, Jeffress dreamed of becoming a therapist. Additionally, she initiated a non-profit organization at the university called Alignment Mental, Physical Spiritual Wellness.

Raven Jeffress Family Grieves the Loss of Their Beloved

Raven Jeffress’s family is going through immense pain and sadness after she tragically lost her life.

The weight of grief is heavy upon their hearts as they navigate the overwhelming emotions that come with the untimely passing of Raven.

Raven was remarkable, and her loved ones keenly felt her absence. Her bright spirit, warm presence, and loving nature brought joy and happiness to their lives.

She was cherished by her family, who held her in the highest regard and admired her for the person she was.

Raven Jeffress Car AccidentThe family of Raven Jeffress is currently experiencing deep sorrow and distress as they cope with the tragic loss of her life (Source: YouTube)

On the other hand, Pamela Elder Mobley, Raven’s mother, expressed her deep sorrow, saying that some of her and their family had been taken away.

Further, she described Raven as a fantastic person. Raven achieved excellent academic results and was on the Dean’s List at Georgia State University. She was also a cheerleader and actively worked to raise awareness about mental health.

Raven was excited about graduating from university and planned to continue her graduate school education to become a psychologist.

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