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R&B Singer Sammie’s Mother Charged With Murder boston news

Angila Baxter is arrested for murder charges. Sammie is a popular singer and people like her a lot. Angila is her mother. She is said to be firing randomly on cars. Later, the reason was discovered. She was doing so to protect herself. According to her, someone is trying to kill her. Angila shoots Nekaybaw. A twenty-year-old guy was killed without any reason. Angila was arrested for the murder on 19 January 2023. The incidents started happening on 12 January. She drives down the city area and starts shooting at random cars. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Angila Baxter Arrested

Angila Baxter Arrested

She fired Many people. Nekaybaw was shopping grocery. She was sitting in her car. Angila shot her with a handgun. She was taken to the hospital but died there. She was not able to recover. The investigation says that she was fired continuously. The bullets were seen in her body. She is asked by the police about her firing. She came to know that she fired her to protect herself. According to her, some cars were following her. She fired in the air for her protection.

After the investigation, police found many other weapons in her car. She claims that she doesn’t remember anything about the incident. The police are still Investigating. She is charged with second-degree murder. Singer Sammie is receiving a lot of questions from the media. Fans are disappointed to hear this. She has asked for some personal space. She has apologized on behalf of her mother. Sammie wants to have space and does not want to interact on social media yet. Will she support her mother? Will she go with the truth? Ms. Collier has two daughters. She raised funds on Twitter to save them.

The fundraiser is $ 9800. Sammie doesn’t share much about her family. She keeps them separate and private in public matters. Sammie wishes her mother on Twitter a few days back. The police are trying to investigate and find the real reason behind her actions. Why is she doing this? Is someone trying to kill her? Is she acting to save herself? Thank you for reading till the end. You will get every detail about the latest incidents and news on our website. Keep reading with us. We wish justice for Nekaybaw. She is a mother and a wife. Her young little daughter and her husband needs our support.

We wish the investigation to reach action soon. We will update you with further details as the case moves further.

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