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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Winner Charged Over Alleged Assault boston news

Tyra Sanchez is in the headlines for being arrested. People are curious to know what happened and why Trya was arrested. We will share complete details about Tyra Sanchez in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Tyra Sanchez Arrested

Why was Tyra Sanchez Arrested?

Tyra Sanchez is also known by the name James William Ross IV. She is 1988 born. He has also achieved the title of American Drag Queen. He is a known personality on American television personality. She has been recognized and appreciated as a drag impersonator. After being Drag Queen for some time, he decided to retire from his drag persona. He made the announcement on Instagram. He was the winner of RuPaul season 2. He was awarded with prize money of $25000.

Tyra Sanchez Arrested

He returned to the drag world on 14th September 2022. Fans were delighted and happy with his announcement. He changes his name from Drag Queen to King Tyra. He will post his new version of content on OnlyFans. He is popular and appreciated a lot in the drag industry. People are curious to know more about Tyra Sanchez’s arrest.

Tyra Sanchez Arrested

Tyra Sanchez Arrest Details:

Tyra Sanchez is the winner of a drag show, RuPaul season 2. He is said to be in legal trouble. He was charged with assault. The incident took place at Starke, Florida. A minor car crash took place when the police arrived. He was aggressive toward the officers. Tyra tried to resist arrest. A past incident refers that Tyra Sanchez is said to spray painting a wall of the building in which she used to reside then. The spray paint mentioned that Dont Move Here Ever. Tyra left the Drag Queen industry but later made a comeback in 2022. This time Tyra was named King Tyra. All the content will be posted on the OnlyFans platform. Let us conclude the above.

Tyra Sanchez Arrested


Tyra Sanchez is said to be arrested for assault and charged with the same. Tyra is known as the Drag Queen. He won the show RuPaul Season 2. He resigned but later appeared in 2020 as King Tyra. Fans are extremely happy to see him back. He has established his name in the drag industry. He won prize money of $25000. This was all about Tyra Sanchez’s journey and arrest. Tyra was also accused of threatening the police officer to shoot. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite celebrities. Stay tuned for more details on our website.

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