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She Apologised For Rising Sun Tattoo boston news

Bella Poarch, a TikTok star, has recently gained a lot of attention for covering up her tattoo of the Japanese Rising Sun flag. The Rising Sun flag is a controversial symbol due to its historical connections to Japanese imperialism and oppression. The tattoo received backlash from the Korean community, who saw it as disrespectful and offensive. On Tuesday, Bella took to social media to share the process of getting her tattoo covered up. The former TikTok sensation shared a video of herself getting the tattoo covered up and later shared images of the new design on Instagram.

Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch Controversy: Rising Sun Tattoo

Bella’s old tattoo was a red and black circle with eight rays emanating outwards. The circle was symbolic of the sun, while the rays were adapted from the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy’s war flags. Bella’s new design features a two-headed snake, which partially covers the rays of the Rising Sun flag, visible in the background. The snake is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, and healing in many cultures.

Bella Poarch

The Rising Sun flag has strong ties to Japan’s war crimes and imperialism, which is why it’s considered offensive to some groups around the world. During the Second World War, Japan used the flag as a symbol of its military power and superiority. As a result, the flag is associated with the oppression and brutal treatment of Koreans and other nations that were conquered by Japan. Bella’s decision to cover up the tattoo has been celebrated by many Koreans as it shows an awareness and acknowledgment of the symbol’s historical significance.

In an apology posted on TikTok last month, Bella admitted that she was unaware of the history behind the Rising Sun flag before getting the tattoo. She acknowledged that the tattoo was insensitive and offensive and promised to cover it up as soon as possible. She also expressed her remorse to those who were hurt by her actions, especially the Korean community. Bella’s apology was seen as sincere by some and criticized by others who felt that she should have known better.

Bella Poarch’s decision to cover up her controversial tattoo of the Japanese Rising Sun flag is a positive step. It shows that people can learn from their mistakes and take proactive steps to right the wrongs they have committed. Bella’s actions are a reminder to all of us to be mindful of the symbols we use and the impact they can have on different communities around the world.

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