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Shoota Shellz Face Autopsy: Who Killed The Rapper? boston news

Shoota Shellz Face is unidentifiable in the photo since he was shot in the head as he departed in his vehicle. 

Cedron Doles, alias Shootashellz, was a rapper in Terrortown, Chicago, who represented the Renegade Black P. Stone gang Blackmobb and was assassinated on July 10, 2017. 

He was spotted bursting on his Chicago drill scene after releasing his most famous song, Death of 150, which blasted NLMB Renegade Stone group members.

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In the drill scene, he demonstrated his particular abilities by releasing tunes such as My Story, Price Of The Streets, My Story, Mobsters, and the Fuck 150 Anthem.

The musician’s death was a significant loss to the drilling community and will be remembered via his music. 

Shoota Shellz Face Autopsy: Who Killed The Rapper? 

Shoota Shellz was shot and died on the morning of July 10. According to other stories, he departed in his vehicle. 

Someone just released images of Shootashellz’s death on Reddit. His face is unidentifiable in the photo since he was shot in the head.

Shoota Shellz FaceShoota Shellz Death Crime scene (Source: Chicagotribune)

Many were panicked at the scene of Shoota Shellz’s carnage. Hence no films about his death are available. As shown in the photographs, he was shot at least 15 times.

Dowdell and the two teens were suspected of being engaged in multiple violent armed automobile thefts, according to officials. They tried car thefts in New Britain before the fatal shooting.

He was in his Auburn Newman neighborhood at the time of Shootashellz’s shooting. Three individuals in a white Nissan Altima shot him repeatedly.

Shootashellz suffered severe injuries to his body and brain. As officials came, he was located gravely injured on the street.

Shootashellz’s corpse was discovered with 43 shell casings next to it during the examination. Authorities discovered his corpse in the 8100 block of South Paulina Street.

Doles’ brutal death received little notice outside of a few rap music blogs; he was one of 13 persons shot in Chicago that day in July 2017, one of whom died. 

His heinous murder, on the other hand, appears to be typical of Chicago’s gang violence — most of it retaliatory, often the consequence of trivial arguments fostered on social media between competitors from the same gangs but different groups, officials say.

Documents newly released in federal court reveal that two months before Doles’ murder, the FBI teamed up with Chicago Police to investigate the years-long feud between Black Mobb and No Limit.

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Was Shoota shellz Shot To Death? Details Explored

On the morning of July 10, Shoota Shellz was murdered by a gunshot. According to other reports, he was leaving someplace in his automobile.

Shoota Shellz was in the Auburn Freshmen neighborhood at the time of the tragedy. Three males in a white Nissan Altima shot him many times.

Shoota Shellz FaceShootashellz Shot To Death Video Leaked (Source: Chicago Tribune)

Shoota Shellz was severely wounded in the head, torso, right thigh, head, right calf, right foot, buttocks, and right arm, according to accounts. He also received cuts on his right wrist and left forearm.

When the cops came, he has discovered slumped and gravely injured in the street.

Shoota Shellz’s corpse was discovered with over 43 shell casings beside him during the examination. Police discovered him in the 8100 block of South Paulina Street.

For several months before his murder, Doles may be heard in the music video “Death of 150” online.

According to the FBI, he and others in the song directed “multiple dangerous threats” toward No Limit, which includes three dead gang members.

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