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Singapore’s biggest skate park opens boston news

There are many ways to entertain yourselves but it is necessary to spend quality time with your family and friends as well. Our lives have become quite busy these days and we forget to take out time for ourselves that is why many amusement parks and recreation center has been opened so that people can spend quality time with their family, friends, and loved ones. There are many amusement parks around us but still, we get bored after visiting the same place again and again but don’t worry a new place has been recently opened which is particularly for those people who love to do skating.

Jurong Lake Gardens Skatepark

Jurong Lake Gardens Skatepark

This new park is considered the largest outdoor skate park in Singapore. Many skateboarders are quite excited to visit this park and keen to know when and where it is opening. According to the reports, The 60ha Lakeside Garden, one of 3 within the 90-ha Jurong Lake Gardens, has been entirely redeveloped with the completion of the northern section. Now after the opening of this new skatepark, skateboarders of all skill levels will be able to do their practice here. As we already mentioned that this biggest skateboard park is located in Lakeside Garden, with 5 skate pods catering to different groups of skateboarders.

As per the specification of this park, the Learn to Skate Pod has been made for those skateboarders who are just starting to do skateboarding it has gentler slopes, whereas for experienced skaters, the Big Bowl Pod has steeper drop and the reports state that it is up to 2.5 deep. This new skateboard park has been opened on Saturday, 1st April 2023. The National Parks Board (NParks) states that “Several shareholders shared that they would prefer a skate park that has the options for training and progression. This informed the skate typology and design of the 5 skate pods.”

Jurong Lake Gardens Skatepark

Around 17,000 sq m skate park is one the main high points of the 7-ha northern section of Lakeside Garden. At the time of the opening of the park on Saturday,1st April 2023, Minister for National Development Desmond Lee states that the skate park was created in consultation with the community of skateboarding. The Garden Promenade, the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, and the Lakeside Garden makeup Jurong Lake Gardens. Apart from it, the reports state that the Garden Promenade will be created together with the new Science Centre and it will be open in the year 2027 where as the redeveloped Japanese and Chinese Gardens are expected to be completed in the year 2024. In the year 2019, at the time of the 1st phase of Lakeside Garden, a water play area, wetland trails, and a nature play garden were opened.

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