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Singer Earnings 2023 Before Arrest boston news

Jop faces arrest alongside Chino Pacas and Calle 24 on July 16, 2023, and people are keen to learn about his net worth and earnings in 2023.

Jop, also known as Jesús Ortiz Paz, is a famous singer & songwriter.

He leads a punk rock band called Fuerza Regida. JOP is known for his strong voice and the critical messages about politics in his songs

Jop started his music journey in the 1990s, playing in various punk rock bands that were not well-known. In 2005, he formed Fuerza Regida with other musicians from the punk rock scene in Guadalajara.

Fuerza Regida quickly gained popularity in Mexico and became one of the most loved punk rock bands. People admire their songs for speaking out against violence and corruption in the Mexican government.

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Jop Net Worth: Singer Earnings 2023 Before Arrest

Before Jop’s arrest in 2023, there was no exact information about how much net worth he earns.

Some people thought he might have had around $100,000, while others believed it could be lower. His primary earnings came from selling music and performing at concerts.

However, he might have had other money-making methods, like investments or business deals.

On the other hand, the amount of money a band like Fuerza Regida can make depends on several things, like how well-known they are, how many concerts they have, and the money they get from streaming and other sources.

Jop Net WorthBefore Jop got arrested in 2023, nobody knew exactly how much money he had (Source: Thefamilynation)

According to Billboard, Fuerza Regida is one of the most famous regional Mexican bands worldwide. They have 4 million followers on social media, and their music videos have been watched over a billion times.

Typically, the band charges between $500,000 and $750,000 for each concert they perform. They also earn a lot from streaming and other things. In 2022, they were the top-selling regional Mexican music group in the United States.

Considering all of this, it’s estimated that Fuerza Regida makes between $5 million and $10 million yearly. However, this amount could be more or less depending on how popular they remain and how well their new releases do.

Why Did Jop Arrest?

On July 16, 2023, Jesús Ortiz Paz, along with Chino Pacas and members of Calle 24, were arrested by the police.

During a concert, Jop encouraged his fans to be rowdy, leading the police to plan a traffic show on the route from the stadium.

The atmosphere was celebratory as Fuerza Regida had become very popular, selling out stadiums with high ticket prices.

Similarly, at around 1:30 am on that Sunday, during a routine traffic stop, the police found a man with a gun and reacted by drawing their weapons.

Jop Net WorthOn July 16, 2023, the police arrested Jesús Ortiz Paz, Chino Pacas, and some members of Calle 24 (Source: Pinterest)

This man turned out to be the manager of one of the artists and had an outstanding warrant. Because of this discovery, JOP, Chino Pacas, and Calle 24 members were handcuffed and held on weapons charges.

People recorded the incident on video and shared it on social media. The police were managing traffic in Hollywood during the early morning of Sunday when they saw someone with a gun in one of the cars they stopped, which made the officers draw their weapons.

Chino Pacas also posted a video on his Instagram showing himself being handcuffed and pushed against a police car.

There might have been an argument when the police drew their guns, but it was later reported that all three artists were released without any arrests or charges about two hours after the incident.

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