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TikTok: Nick Watts And Bridie Cox Death Story boston news

The world lost two unpolished gems in late 2022: Nick Watts And Bridie Cox (Cocks). They were a couple from Victoria, Australia, who took their lives just a few weeks apart.

A video posted by Bridie Cox on September 24, 2022, went viral on TikTok, where she wrote, “No Girl Should Have To Sit At Their Boyfriend’s Grave.”

Bridie Cox died a mere month after her boyfriend, Nick Watts, took his own life. In one of her final videos, she spoke about feeling guilty for not comprehending the pain that he was going through.

What Is Nick Watts And Bridie Cox Death Story On TikTok? Video Explained

Nick Watts and Bridie Cox, a teenage couple, took their lives a few months earlier in late 2022. Before Bridie’s death, she posted a series of videos of her boyfriend, Nick, with her. 

Born as Nicholas James Watts on October 15, 2005, Nick Watts was the elder of twins. His parent’s names are Sunny and Debra Watts, and along with his twin sister Olivia, he also had two other sisters.

Sadly, Nick passed away by suicide on August 30, 2022. In his short-lived span of 16 years, he left an impact on many people around him, especially on his girlfriend, Bridie Cox. 

Bridie Cox was born on January 5, 2007, to her parents, Joan and Richard Cocks. She was baptized into Catholic Faith and is remembered as a goofy, lovely daughter, sister, cousin, and friend by her loved ones.

She was born and raised in Victoria, Australia, along with her two older brothers, Riley Cocks, and Patrick Cocks. Her TikTok Account (@..bridie2) is still available and has 157.6K Likes as of this writing.

Nick Watts and Bridie Cox Death of Nick Watts and Bridie Cox left a scar on many loved ones (Source: Facebook)

Cox died at the young age of 15 on September 22, 2022, after staying in RCH intensive care unit for about a week. She passed away only 23 days following the death of her significant other, Nick Watts

An outpouring of tributes was observed on various social media platforms for the couple, including TikTok videos, Instagram posts, and Facebook updates.

The funeral videos of Nick Watts and Bridie Cox are still available on YouTube, titled Nick Watts (Pickle) Funeral and Bridie Cocks Funeral.

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Suicide Awareness Is A must

Public health is faced with a significant challenge in the form of suicide, which brings untold pain and devastation to individuals, families, and communities. The harm caused by this issue is incalculable.

The world is grappling with a severe issue, as every year, millions of people struggle with suicidal thoughts, and many tragically follow through with the act.

The tragedy of suicide can be averted with the proper assistance and resources. Elevating awareness and educating individuals on supporting someone during a crisis are fundamental elements in preventing suicide.

It is crucial to identify the warning signs of suicide, such as alterations in mood or behavior, increased substance abuse, isolation from loved ones, and feelings of hopelessness or helplessness.

If you find yourself or someone close to you grappling with suicidal thoughts, various resources are available to assist.

Nick Watts and Bridie Cox Tribute to Nick Watts and Bridie Cox (Source: Facebook)

In case of need, reach out to helplines such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the U.S. (1-800-273-TALK), the Samaritans in the UK (116 123), or Lifeline Australia (13 11 14).

Confidential and non-judgmental support is available through these organizations, which can also connect you to resources in your community.

Through increasing awareness, providing aid, and linking those who need help with resources, we can decrease the number of suicides and offer hope to individuals who are experiencing thoughts of self-harm.

To sum up, suicide is a significant concern that demands the attention and involvement of society as a whole. The world cannot afford to lose any more youths like Nick Watts And Bridie Cox. 

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