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Was He Married To Lee Jong-eun? boston news

Fans have been curious to know about Kim Ji-hoon Wife; his marital status has always been the subject of speculation. 

Kim Ji Hoon is known for his extensive TV career. He is one of the prominent figures in the Korean Entertainment Industry.

The actor’s popularity skyrocketed when he portrayed the role of Denver in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” alongside Famous “Squid Game” actor Park Hae Soo.

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Who is Kim Ji-hoon? Family explored

Kim Ji-Hoon is a South Korean actor. He was born on May 9, 1981, in Seoul, South Korea.

The actor has been in the movie industry for more than a decade. However, he has always maintained the privacy of his life as well as his family members.

Therefore, there is no relevant information on his parents and siblings. Similarly, he hasn’t revealed any of his family members on his social media.

It seems the actor likes to keep his folks out of the spotlight.

Kim Ji-hoon Wife Kim Ji-hoon with Yeon-Seo Oh in Jang Bo Ri Is Here (2014) (Source: IMDb)

Ji-hoon was inclined to act from an early age. He joined an acting academy when he was in 6th grade. Similarly, the actor went to Ajou University, where he learned filmmaking and stage art.

Kim started to audition for the acting job in his college’s first year. Eventually, he starred in a romantic comedy-drama 2002 series, “Leobing Yu,” after a lot of struggle and attempts.

But he didn’t get many offers even after a successful debut. It took another 4 years for him to land his second role in 2006 with “Great Inheritance.”

Soon, he grasped an extensive fanbase with hit shows like “Bad Thief, Good Thief,” “The Man Living in Our House,” “Jang Bo Ri Is Here,” and many more.

The actor made his debut in the movie industry with “May 18”. His breakthrough series is the South Korean version of “Money Heist.”

Kim Ji-hoon Wife: Was He Married To Lee Jong-eun?

Kim Ji-Hoon is reportedly single and hasn’t been dating anyone currently. But the actor had been in one relationship in the past.

According to Hollywood Magazines, Kim Ji-Hoon was previously married to Lee Jong-Eun in 2007 and reportedly has a son together.

The former couple used to appear in numerous events and entertainment activities. However, their relationship didn’t last long, and they divorced after two years of marriage.

The reason for their divorce was their indifferences and other aspects of life. It is reported that the actor was arrested for drug abuse in 2009, which led to turmoil in both his personal and professional life.

Kim Ji-hoon WifeKim Ji-hoon with ex-wife Lee Jong-Eun (Source: Nate)

Kim couldn’t save his marriage, and he was also suspended from all entertainment broadcast activities and hit the rock bottom.

However, it wasn’t his first time using ecstasy and marijuana. Before this, he was arrested in 2005 for using the same drugs.

After the 2005 drug scandal, the actor regained his reputation as an entertainer. But sadly, he couldn’t sacrifice his love for drugs.

Later, Kim reattained his recognition and fame after many struggles and consequences. His effort and hardship made fans forget about his past mistakes.

Now the Korean star is working on bigger projects and film ventures that showcase his talent as a versatile actor.

How Much is the Net Worth of Kim Ji Hoon?

According to Popular Net Worth, the estimated net worth of Kim Ji Hoon is around $2 million. He has accumulated such an amount of money from his acting career and musical ventures.

With such substantial wealth, Kim must be living a luxurious life with extravagant cars and an expensive house.

Kim Ji-hoon Wife Kim Ji-hoon with the cast members of Money Heist (Source: Instagram)

The actor rose to fame and popularity after starring in the role of Lee Bok-su in the comedy-drama “The Golden Age of Daughters-in-Law.”

Besides his acting career, he has appeared in various variety shows, including Hotline, Running Man, Sang Sang Plus, and many more.

Furthermore, Kim’s musical career includes music videos like “Propose,” “Don’t Go Away Ver. 2”, “Because I Want To Hold On,” and others.

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