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What Happened at Ryle High School? Students Under Investigation After ‘Dangerous’ Senior Prank boston news

It’s shocking! a total of 75 students of Ryle High School are under investigation following a prank. According to the reports, senior students of Ryle High School performed a prank inside the school which caused a stir and messy situation inside the school. In addition, several injuries were also sustained by the staff members of the school while cleaning up the mess. Meanwhile, the officials of Boone County have started an investigation and asked questions of the 75 students of Ryle High School. Hereby, some shocking statements were registered by the investigators. Since the seniors did the prank inside the school, Ryle High School has been the topic of the town. Netizens have been seeking details of the investigation. However, we have gathered some noteworthy details about it. Keep reading. Drag down.

What Happened at Ryle High School

What Happened at Ryle High School?

Due to the prank, several properties around Ryle High School including classroom and hallways doors were damaged as the seniors put track hurdles and vaseline. Boone County School officials stated that staff members were also hurt during the prank as they were cleaning up the mess created by the prank. As a result of the senior prank, the students who were involved in the prank might not be invited to the school’s graduation which is all set to take place on June 3, 2023. Scroll down the page.

Ryle High School

Reportedly, on Tuesday, the senior students of Ryle High School broke into the school to damage the school property. So that the classes would not get affected the next day, the staff member of the school had to clean up the mess. A teacher of the school fell from the stairs as they poured baby oil on the steps. However, the staff member tried all the possible ways to clean up the mess. Reportedly, toilet papers were all over the school. Read what some students said about the prank. Scroll down.

Some students said they heard about the prank but everything was fine and normal until they reached Ryle High School. A parent of the student said, “According to what I heard from admin, was that everybody that entered the building was suspended and the seniors were not walking [at graduation]. Come to find out, some of the students that entered and partook in it were not seniors so their repercussion was just being suspended for the last two days of school.” Disciplinary action will be taken against the students involved in the prank, said Boone County School District. Stay tuned.

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