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Where Is Diane Ray Daughter? 3-Year-Old Witness Mother Murder boston news

People are searching for Diane Ray Daughter as she witnesses her mother’s tragic murder caused by a deadly amount of insulin and methamphetamine. 

Aleta Diane Ray was discovered dead inside her House in Twin Falls County, Idaho, in September 1999. Although the death was initially thought to be natural, authorities quickly discovered evidence of insulin and methamphetamine within her, indicating a murder.

On September 9, 1999, Police were summoned to the Twin Falls County residence and found Aleta slumped on the floor. Officers saw her lips had turned blue from the poison at first glimpse, and she was pronounced dead on the scene. Amazingly, there was no evidence of a robbery, brawl, or forced entry.

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Where Is Diane Ray Daughter? 3-Year-Old Witness Her Mother’s Tragic Murder

There is no word on where Aleta Diane Ray’s kid is or her current situation. It is reported, however, that she reconnected with Vernon Jensen thanks to a docuseries about the case.

But Aleta’s small daughter, who watched the entire massacre, kept signaling that there had previously been others there in the House. 

Diane Ray DaughterDiane Ray murder culprit (Source: Thecinemaholic)

After an autopsy, medical examiners discovered that Aleta died from an overdose of methamphetamine and insulin administered via syringe. When Aleta’s boyfriend maintained she did not use drugs, officials labeled the situation murder and launched an inquiry.

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The Police were astonished to hear that Vern Jensen and Aleta Diane Ray had been harassed by Vern’s estranged wife, Vicki Arlene Jensen, when they initially began their inquiry. 

Even though Vern had broken off all communication with Vicki before moving in with Aleta, the estranged wife discovered Vern’s present address and made her way over.

According to the episode, Vicki would frequently show up unannounced at the door and engage in significant brawls before threatening Vern and Aleta, making them worry for their life. They had no clue how far Vicki would go in her quest for vengeance.

How Did Aleta Diane Ray Die? Death Cause 

Aleta Ray was a renowned member of society who lived in Twin Falls County, Idaho, with her partner, Vern Jensen, and her daughter.

Locals characterized Aleta as a kind, pleasant, and vibrant woman who was always willing to help. She had also embraced her motherly responsibilities, always putting her kid first. Aleta was a delight to be around and is still sorely mourned by the community.

Diane Ray DaughterAutumn Pauls, Matthew Pearson, and Vicki Jensen (Source: Thecinemaholic)

Vicki Jensen and two accomplices fooled Ray into letting them into her House and then gave her a deadly amount of insulin and methamphetamine, according to Fox News. 

Jensen’s motive was jealousy over her ex-friendship husband’s with Ray. Jensen was eventually found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Where Are Autumn Pauls, Matthew Pearson, and Vicki Jensen Now? Arrest And Charges 

Autumn, Matthew, and Vicki pled guilty to first-degree murder after being brought to court. In the same year that Vicki was condemned to life in prison without the possibility of release, Matthew and Autumn were sentenced to 15 years to life and 12 years to life, respectively.

As the three entered, however, they brandished a gun, held Aleta at gunpoint, and injected her with an overdose of methamphetamine and insulin. 

The assailants then waited for the poison to take effect before fleeing when Aleta could not cry for aid. As a result of Vicki and Autumn’s statements, the Police charged Vicki, Autumn, and Matthew Pearson with murder.

According to current prison records, Autumn was released on parole in 2015 and spent her days in Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

On the other hand, Matthew is still detained at the Idaho State Correctional Institution in Ada County, Idaho. At the same time, Vicki is incarcerated at the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Facility in Pocatello, Idaho.

Vernon Jensen Shared His Experience On Evil Lives Here

It is astonishing how one human being could take another human being’s life without any remorse. Over the years, there have been many murder cases, with each one raising goosebumps with the explanation of how the event occurred.

Aleta Diane Ray’s murder case caused a sensation in the late 1990s. The witness being a three-year-old further made people shocked. It is chilling to imagine a small child having undergone such a traumatic ordeal.

It has been two decades since Diane’s tragic demise; her case came to light once more after being documented in Evil Lives Here. It is a 60-minute true crime docu-series that interview a family member of the highlighted murderer in its episodes.

We have often seen shows featuring murderers, criminals, and psychopaths and revolving around their psychology and mental state. But people who were associated with such criminals also suffered in some way. Hence, Evil Lives Here is the show which highlights loved ones, victims, investigators and others’ experiences in sit-down interviews who have lived alongside criminals, sociopathic friends and family members.

In Aleta’s murder case, Aleta Diane Ray’s partner, Vernon Jensen, spoke about what happened then, reminiscing those dark and painful memories again. He shared how a friendly connection with Vicki (the suspect) turned into a marriage quickly.

Vernon JensenVernon Jensen Recounted His Relationship With Vicki Jensen on Evil Lives Here (Source: Fox News)

Vicki controlled their relationship from the beginning and turned physically and verbally abusive after the wedding. She planned to harm Vernon’s first wife and threatened her. Vernon shared,

She would punch me, hit me, throw things at me. But I also was raised not to ever hit a woman.

And I refused to cross that line because there was no turning back.

Jensen eventually moved out and started dating Aleta afterward. Unfortunately, Vicki found out and constantly stalked the couple. And you all know the aftermath, which ended with Aleta’s death and Vicki’s imprisonment.

Jensen’s recounting of the past events shows viewers how Vicki’s temperament and psychology were worse from the beginning. She was vengeful and willing even to take a person’s life for her own gain.

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