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Where Is E Howard Hunt Daughter Lisa Hunt And Kevan Hunt? boston news

Did you know E Howard Hunt Daughter Kevan is working as a writer, and he has five other children? The show ‘White House Plumbers’ shows about his family and life. 

This article will cover everything known about the family of America, one of the most controversial former CIA agents. 

Howard and Dorothy proudly welcomed four children: Lisa, Kevan, Howard St John, and David, forming a vibrant and cherished family circle.

Tragically, Dorothy’s life was abruptly taken in the devastating Chicago plane crash of December 8, 1972, casting a dark cloud of grief upon her loved ones.

Astoundingly, Dorothy’s handbag concealed an unexpected secret – a substantial sum exceeding $10,000. Speculations circulated, linking this mysterious money to the hushed exchanges between the White House and the burglars’ family.

Later he crossed paths with Laura, a dedicated school teacher, and welcomed two children: Austin and Hollis.

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Where Is E Howard Hunt Daughter Lisa Hunt?

After relocating there, Lisa Hunt established herself as a prominent figure within the local Las Vegas, Nevada community.

Embracing a deep-rooted faith in fundamentalist Christianity, Lisa Hunt actively engaged in religious pursuits in Las Vegas.

Lisa Hunt successfully managed and operated an insurance Company in Las Vegas, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit and self-reliance.

The tumultuous events surrounding the Watergate Scandal and the loss of her mother strained Lisa Hunt’s relationship with her Father, leading to strained interaction.

E Howard Hunt Daughter Lisa E Howard Hunt’s Daughter Lisa (sitting), Son Saint John, Wife and Daughter Kevan in 1958 (Source: Facebook)

Despite their previous difficulties, Lisa Hunt and her Father managed to mend their relationship over time, reaching friendship and mutual respect.

Before settling down in Las Vegas, Lisa Hunt temporarily resided with her friends, eventually finding a permanent home in the city.

Lisa Hunt vehemently denied the assertions made by her siblings, St. John and David, regarding her Father’s alleged involvement in the assassination conspiracy of John F. Kennedy.

Despite the family conflicts and controversies surrounding her Father, Lisa Hunt maintained a discreet and understated lifestyle.

It remains to be seen whether Lisa Hunt pursued a similar path to her Father within politics or intelligence, as she largely kept her affiliations private.

Following the passing of E. Howard Hunt, on January 23, 2007, it can be presumed that Lisa Hunt continued to focus on her professional endeavors and personal growth while residing in Las Vegas.

E Howard Hunt Daughter Kevan Hunt Whereabouts

Kevan Hunt, the daughter of E. Howard Hunt resides in a secluded haven atop the breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountains.

She sought solace in Pioneer, California, following her Father’s apprehension, embracing a career in law with utmost determination.

Armed with impressive academic credentials from Smith College, Santa Clara University, and Stanford University, Kevan honed her legal prowess.

In addition to her legal profession, Kevan ventured into the realm of mystery writing, captivating readers with her enigmatic tales.

Among her literary accomplishments, “Maiden’s Grove” and “Tragedy Springs” testify to her imaginative prowess.

E Howard Hunt Daughte E Howard Hunt’s Daughter Kevan Hunt (Source: Facebook)

The tumultuous era of Watergate began to unfurl when Kevan, a young woman of around 20, was thrust into unprecedented political turmoil.

Opting for the Company of loyal friends over familial ties, Kevan bravely weathered the storm of her Father’s arrest.

A chasm of estrangement opened between Kevan and her Father as she bravely stepped forward to provide her Father’s lawyer with incriminating White House payoff records.

Despite her Father’s desperate plea to destroy these records, Kevan clandestinely safeguarded them within the confines of her Smith College dormitory.

The revelation of these confidential records would ultimately prove instrumental in mitigating her Father’s sentence, leading to a heartfelt reconciliation between them.

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