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Who Did Stunna Girl Put In A Cage? boston news

People are curious about the Stunna Girl Kidnapping news. What happened between Cuban Doll and Stunna Girl?

Sacramento, California native Stunna Girl is a rapper and social media influencer. Her song “Runway,” played on TikTok, immediately gained fame after becoming viral.

She has previously released the singles Real Rap, On the Record, and Let It Drip, as well as the album YKWTFGO.

One way to define a self-assured lady who isn’t scared to express herself is as a “Stunna girl.”

She exudes a degree of unabashed confidence that inspires everyone around her.

The singer doesn’t hesitate to take chances and go outside her comfort zone to accomplish her objectives.

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Stunna Girl Kidnapping: Who Did Stunna Girl Put In A Cage?

Rumor has it that Stunna Girl was behind the victory of the Cuban Doll over Rockey Badd.

Cuban Doll, a rapper from Dallas who claimed to have signed a million-dollar deal with Capitol Music Group in April 2018, announced her dismissal from the label live on Instagram on October 15, 2018.

Stunna Girl Kidnapping Rocky Badd shares her hospital injuries (Source: Kanyetothe)

Following an incident with Detroit rapper Rocky Badd, who was allegedly assaulted, robbed of her chain, and placed in a dog cage by associates of Cuban, including Los Angeles rapper Stunna Girl, Cuban is said to have been let go by the label.

They paid Rocky for a false booking in California, had a large group of guys rush her manager, cut her stomach severely enough to require stitches, and placed her in a dog cage.

The fact that Cuban called the Police on people makes one doubt that she planned this.

When Stunna Girl arrived at her residence, she beat her while sleeping and called the Police.

Stunna Girl Kidnapping Rocky Badd in dog’s cage (Source: Reddit)

Both Badd and Lando Bando, her manager, came under attack. After that, Stunna Girl stole the doll’s chain and shared it in her story.

Stunna sold Doll’s chain at auction after stealing it.

Cuban Doll and Stunna Girl were friends, and subsequently, Stunna Girl assisted Doll in putting Rocky Badd in the cage.

However, Stunna and Cuban Doll denied putting her in a cage and afterward stopped being friends with Cuban.

Rocky thought the Cuban Doll was the mastermind, but most people believe the Stunna Girl kidnapped her and put her in the dog’s cage.

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Stunna Girl Arrest

Stunna Girl received a prison sentence for several criminal acts, including theft, fraud, and money laundering.

When victims of her frauds reported the occurrences to the authorities, her criminal actions came to light.

Stunna Girl Kidnapping Image of Stunna Girl (Source: HealthyCeleb)

Stunna Girl had been operating a cunning fraud scheme for months, and her victims suffered significant financial losses due to her actions.

Her criminal history was taken into account by the court presiding over her case, and she was finally given a jail sentence for her offenses.

The rapper was raised in poverty and spent her early years in and out of jail. When Stunna Girl was 11 years old, a fight led to the taking of her first mugshot.

The FBI had to get involved because she fled to Colorado 24 hours after being assigned to a group home.

Between the ages of 14 and 17, the singer spent three years in a California Youth Authority detention center.

She now makes millions of dollars while leading the finest life possible outside of jail.

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