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Who Is Alexandria Borys Brother? Husband Tyler And Family boston news

People are asking more about Alexandria Borys Brother as Alexandria was a loving mother and a caring wife who was shot to death in a grocery store parking lot.

On Valentine’s Day, shortly before 4 o’clock, the tragedy took place in the country, according to South Carolina Police.

Alexandria Borys and another young woman got into a fight as they piled groceries into the car in the bustling Kroger grocery store parking lot.

Who Is Alexandria Borys Brother?

People are asking more about Alexandria Borys Brother as she was also shot to death by a gunshot wound like her brother.

Sadly, not much information about Alexandria Borys Brother was found at the time of writing this article, but we know that Alexandria Borys Brother also died from a gunshot.

Moreover, Alexandria Borys Brother was killed six days before his sister, but no more information about it was found on the internet as the case is still sensitive.

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Alexandria Borys Family: Meet Her Husband 

Alexandria Borys’ husband’s name is Tyler Borys, but no further information about him was available at the time of writing this article.

Nonetheless, we know that the couple is blessed with a beautiful child, but no further information about him was found on the internet.

Alexandria Borys Husband Alexandria Borys with her Husband And Kid. (Source: People)

Tyler Borys claimed that his wife, Alexandria, had went for food shopping with Her sister-in-law, niece, and nephew.

Sadly, the family is going through a tough time, so our responsibility is to support them by giving them privacy and condolence.

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Who is Christina Harrison?

Christina Harrison, a suspect age 23, shot Alexandria in the parking lot of the Kroger store.

Harrison shot 26-year-old Borys before driving off in a white Ford.

“Based on what I’ve gathered, they either resolved the argument or Alex left. According to the evidence, Alexandria was shot while turning around, said Tyler Borys, Alexandria’s husband.

Within a short period, Harrison turned herself in. Around 5:30 pm, she turned into the Irmo Police Department before Borys was pronounced dead.

She was accused of murder, carrying a gun without a license, and having a weapon when a violent crime was being committed.

According to Tyler Borys, the incident occurred right in front of their two-year-old and an infant in the car at the time.

Christina Harrison Mugshot: Arrested For Shooting And Killing Of Alexandria Borys Christina Harrison was arrested for killing a stranger in a Kroger parking lot. (Source: Twitter)

Tyler described her as the “greatest wife you could ever wish for” and claimed that when attending cosmetology school, “she created a powerful support system.”Alexandria also went to nursing school. Additionally, according to Borys, “she was a terrific mother.”

He must now raise his son or daughter by himself. The household created a GoFundMe page.

The pain was made worse by Alexandria’s demise, which came only one week after her brother tragically died from an unconnected gunshot wound.

The tragedy affected the whole neighborhood. It makes me slightly more conscious because it’s a difficult moment for everyone, said Irmo resident Tabitha Foster.

Another resident of Irmo, Shawne Edwards, said, “That shopping center is our go-to shopping center, so this whole dynamic is a rippling effect throughout this entire neighborhood.”

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