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Who Is Alyssa Hansen? Kids And Family boston news

Who is Justin Hansen Wife Alyssa Hansen? People are keen to learn about Hansen’s personal information, who is serving 18 years for the brutal 2008 beating of Brittani Marcell.

Justin Hansen, a man who is married and has four children, was found guilty in a court case in September 2008.

He attacked Brittani Marcell, who was a 17-year-old student in high school at that time, using a shovel. The incident happened in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and it caused severe harm to Brittani, affecting her for the rest of her life.

Hansen admitted that he tried to kill her and broke into her house. As a result, he was given a prison sentence of 18 years.

However, after three years, Hansen successfully argued in court that the time he spent wearing a GPS monitor, which allowed him to go on dates to Isotopes games, should be counted as part of his prison sentence. As a result, his sentence was reduced.

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Dateline Justin Hansen Wife: Who Is Alyssa Hansen?

Alyssa Hansen is the ex-wife of Justin Hansen, but she prefers to keep her details away from the media, so not much information is known about her.

She values her privacy and chooses not to share many details about herself with the public or media outlets. As a result, limited knowledge is available about her background, interests, or any other personal information.

But, during the trial, Alyssa Hansen, Justin’s ex-wife and mother of his three children, took the witness stand and became emotional as she described Justin as a loving father.

Justin Hansen WifeAlyssa Hansen, formerly married to Justin Hansen, maintains her privacy and keeps her details away from the media (Source: Krqe)

Alyssa Hansen stated, “In my opinion, Justin is the most selfless person I have ever encountered. He prioritizes everything and everyone else before himself.”

On the other hand, on an episode of the show “Dateline: Secrets Uncovered” airing on Oxygen, they go back to the case of Brittani Marcell, who had a terrifying encounter with a dangerous situation. The episode is called “The Match.”

The episode’s official description explains that when Brittani’s mother, Diane Marcell, entered their house, she discovered her daughter covered in blood.

The attacker even threatened Diane, saying that she was next. It took almost ten years to uncover the truth behind the incident, with a crucial clue being a single drop of blood that eventually revealed the assailant’s identity.

Justin Hansen Kids And Family

Justin Hansen and Alyssa Hansen have three children together.

In addition to his children with Alyssa, Justin is also a father to one more child from his previous relationships, making him a father of four.

Before the incident concerning Brittani, Justin had presented himself as a loving father and an upstanding individual who had never gotten into legal trouble.

Justin Hansen WifeJustin Hansen and Alyssa Hansen share the wonderful experience of raising three children together. Moreover, Justin has an additional child from his previous relationships, which brings his total number of children to four (Source: Krqe)

He maintained a positive reputation and was seen as a caring person who prioritized his role as a father. The realization that he had concealed his dark side was a profound disappointment for those who knew him.

Similarly, he was born to a mother, Doreen Shoemaker and a father. The shocking revelation of Justin’s involvement in violent acts astonished and distressed his parents.

They had always seen him as a well-behaved and responsible son, so the discovery came as a complete shock to them. The fact that their child had engaged in such harmful behavior profoundly saddened and upset them.

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