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Who Is Cornel West Daughter Dilan Zeytun West? Son Clifton And Wife boston news

Netizens have shown interest in Cornel West Daughter Dilan and his son Clifton after the recent announcement from the leftist-politics activist Cornel West about his candidacy for the 2024 Presidency of the United States.

Cornel West is a renowned philosopher, political activist, and author known for his influential works such as “Race Matters” and “Democracy Matters.”

Opting for a third-party candidacy, West believes that neither Democrats nor Republicans are willing to confront the truth about Wall Street, Ukraine, the Pentagon, and big tech.

Who Is Cornel West Daughter, Dilan Zeytun West? Son Clifton And Wife

Cornel West, a distinguished intellectual and activist, proudly embraces his two children: his daughter, Zeytun, and a son, Clifton, from his previous marriage.

Zeytun, born in 2000, embodies the special bond between Cornel West and Kurdish-Turkish journalist Aytul Gurtas, who pursued her studies at Harvard on a prestigious Nieman Fellowship.

Despite their circumstances, West has nurtured an intimate and loving connection with his daughter, Zeytun, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to fatherhood.

West’s unwavering dedication to family was evident in his regular visits to Germany, where he ensured an active presence in Zeytun’s life.

Cornel West DaughterCornel West Daughter Dilan Zeytun West spoke about gender equality in TedXYouth (Source: YouTube)

Through consistent daily phone calls, West reinforces his role as an engaged and caring father, even though he is not in a relationship with Zeytun’s mother.

Zeytun’s educational journey has been remarkable, thriving academically at the Bonn International School while fostering a passionate interest in social issues.

Cornel West Daughter delved into gender equality and women’s rights as part of her Primary Years Program Exhibition in fifth grade.

Zeytun mesmerized the audience with her compelling TEDxYouth talk, eloquently sharing her profound insights on how the exhibition shaped her life and expanded her worldview.

While specific details about Zeytun’s current educational pursuits or professional path remain undisclosed, her achievements thus far epitomize her insatiable thirst for knowledge and her relentless commitment to making a lasting positive impact.

Cornel West DaughterCornel West Daughter Zeytun is a graduate of Princeton University (Source: Facebook)

Clifton, Cornel West’s son from a previous marriage, now at 46, is an integral member of the West family, enriching their shared legacy.

Clifton, in turn, has brought new branches to the West family tree, as he is now a proud father with a 27-year-old son, thereby making Cornel West a devoted and adoring grandfather.

Although information about Clifton’s personal and professional endeavors beyond his familial connections remains undisclosed, his significant role in the West family is unquestionable.

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Cornel West Will Run For US Presidency 2024

Renowned progressive activist Cornel West has officially declared his bid for the 2024 presidential election under the People’s Party, championing truth and justice.

With an unwavering spirit, West aims to pursue his lifelong quest for truth and justice by running for president, employing the People’s Party as his vehicle of choice.

West’s campaign will strongly emphasize vital issues such as healthcare, living wages, housing, reproductive rights, and combatting the planet’s destruction and American democracy.

West labeled President Biden as a “milquetoast neoliberal” and former President Trump as a “neofascist,” illustrating his critical perspective on both major political parties.

Cornel West Cornel West will be running in the 2024 Presidential Campaign (Source: CNN)

The People’s Party, established in 2017 by former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Nick Brana, seeks to forge a powerful progressive populist party in America.

West’s presidential campaign is a testament to his unwavering commitment to fighting for truth, justice, and progressive ideals, even against formidable odds.

Whether or not West’s campaign triumphs, he vows to confront challenges head-on, showcasing his tenacity and resolve in upholding his principles.

West’s entry into the 2024 presidential race injects a progressive voice and choice into the political landscape, potentially reshaping the discourse and bringing attention to overlooked issues by the major parties.

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