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Who Is Dean Fujioka Wife Vanina Amalia Hidayat? Kids boston news

Fans are eager to know more about Who Is Dean Fujioka Wife Vanina Amalia Hidayat?

Dean Fujioka is famous for being an Actor, singer, and model. People all around the world know who he is. He started working in show business as a model in Hong Kong in 2004.

He was in magazines about fashion and lifestyle and commercials on TV and print all over Asia. Dean began his acting career in 2006 by moving to Taipei and appearing in the TV show “Goku Dō High School.”

After that, he showed up in different movies and TV shows, displaying his talent and ability to act in different ways.

Some good stuff made by this person are a movie they made in Japan called “I am Ichihashi: Journal of a Murderer” in 2013, a TV show they did in Canada called “The Pinkertons” from 2014 to 2015, and a movie they made called “Umi wo Kakeru” in 2018.

He has played many different parts and shown that he can act with feeling and complexity. Dean Fujioka is good at singing as well as acting.

In March 2016, he released his first album called “Cycle.” Then, in January 2019, he released his second album called “History in The Making.”

He gave songs for cartoons and movies too. Dean Fujioka is an artist who has done many things in entertainment.

He impresses people all over the world with his many skills and popularity.

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Who Is Dean Fujioka Wife Vanina Amalia Hidayat? Kids

Vanina Amalia Hidayat is the wife of Japanese Actor and singer Dean Fujioka. She is of Chinese-Indonesian descent and has been a private figure with limited information about her life.

Vanina and Dean exchanged their wedding vows in 2012 in a grand ceremony their family members, relatives, and close friends attended. Together, Vanina and Dean have been blessed with children.

2014 they welcomed their first-born fraternal twins, adding joy and fulfillment to their family life. The twins’ names and further details about them have not been widely disclosed.

Subsequently, in March 2017, Vanina and Dean joyfully announced the arrival of their third child, expanding their family even further.

Dean Fujioka Wife Vanina Amalia Hidayat is the private wife of Japanese actor and singer Dean Fujioka, and they have children together. (Source: Instagram)

While specific information about their children has been kept private, Dean did share the news of their third child’s birth on his Instagram page, demonstrating their happiness and pride as parents.

Vanina Amalia Hidayat maintains a low profile and prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye. As a result, limited information is available about her background, profession, or activities.

She supports Dean Fujioka in his career, attending events and sharing moments together as a family.

However, she is not involved in the entertainment industry herself. As a result, details about Vanina Amalia Hidayat’s life outside of her marriage to Dean Fujioka and their children are not readily available.

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A look at Dean Fujioka Family

Dean Fujioka, born Tatsuo Fujioka on August 19, 1980, in Sukagawa, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, had a modest upbringing with his family.

His parents later moved to Kamagaya, Chiba Prefecture, where he spent his formative years. Unfortunately, limited information about his parents’ names or professions is available.

Similarly, details about Dean’s siblings, if any, are not widely known. As a private individual, he has chosen to keep his family life away from the public eye, and information regarding his immediate or extended family members is scarce.

Dean Fujioka Wife Dean Fujioka with his kids. (Source: Instagram)

Dean Fujioka’s early life significantly shaped his diverse language skills and passion for music. He is fluent in multiple languages, including Japanese, English, Cantonese, Standard Mandarin, and Indonesian.

His interest in music and exposure to different cultures can be traced back to his travels to various Asian countries after completing his education.

Dean’s educational background includes attending Chiba Prefectural Funabashi High School for his high schooling.

After graduating, he pursued further education in the United States, where he studied Information Technology at a community college in Seattle.

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