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Who Is EastEnders Actor or Actress Arrested? Suspicion Of Child Sex Offence boston news

This is to inform you that an arrest has been made by the Metropolitan Police. You may get shocked as the Met arrested an EastEnders actor. Yes, you heard it right, an EastEnders actor has been arrested. Since the news of the EastEnders actor’s arrest surfaced on the internet, it has been making headlines and throwing people into a frenzy to know who is he and what are the charges against him. If you are also catering to the same queries, this article is for you as it can serve you a lot. In addition, there are some imperative questions related to the arrest of the EastEnders actor that needs to be pondered. However, this article is brought to you to respond to the queries catering to the netizens about this headline. Kindly stick with this column and keep reading it. Drag down the page and take a look below.


Who Is EastEnders Actor or Actress Arrested?

Let’s start with charges against the EastEnders actor. There are many people who are scrounging the web articles to know the charges against the EastEnders actor. As per the reports that reached our desk, the actor was arrested on suspicion of committing child s3x offenses. As mentioned, you may get shocked, haven’t you? Has the actor been released? Read the answer to this question in the further section.


According to the reports, the Metropolitan Police released the noted actor on bail however the police investigation continues. The EastEnders actor is accused of communicating sexual activity with a minor. What is the name of the actor who was arrested and charged with child s3x offenses? The name of the actor can not be mentioned due to legal reasons. But it has been stated that the actor has worked for years in the television industry and he often boasts about his roles. In addition, the arrested EastEnders actor also plays a police officer or official figure on the BBC program. Scroll down the page and read more details.

EastEnders is arrested on suspicion

Some people on social media have claimed that the arrested EastEnders actor is who shared photos of himself on the set of the soap including ones posing outside the Queen Vic pub. However, nobody has clearly identified the actor yet or mentioned his name as it can lead to legal action against them as it is a matter of the noted actor’s reputation and image. Take a peek at the next section and read more details.

EastEnders Actor or Actress Arrested

The Metropolitan police confirmed the arrest of EastEnders actor by stating, ‘On Sunday, 23 April a man was arrested at an address in the vicinity of Elthorne Road, N19 on suspicion of engaging in sexual communications with a child.’ Reports also claim that the actor will remain on bail till the end of June. He was taken into police custody and has since been bailed pending further inquiries to a date in late June. The Metropolitan police further added, ‘Enquiries into the circumstances continue. Scroll down the screen and read more details.

EastEnders is arrested

It was stated the actor was apprehended in London from an address located on Elthorne Road. The suspected offense the EastEnders actor allegedly committed is sexual communication with a child, which is an either-way offense, meaning the case can be heard in a Crown or Magistrates’ Court. What is a possible jail sentence that the EastEnders actor can face if he would be proven guilty to the charges? The Sexual Communication with a child offense carries a maximum prison sentence of two years. Scroll down the page and read more details.

EastEnders Actor Arrested

Do you watch EastEnders? If not, we tell you that it is set in the fictional borough of Walford in the East End of London and this show revolves around the lives of local residents and their families as they go about their daily lives. As of now, a total of 6688 episodes have been aired since EastEnders debuted in 1985. Nowadays, fans have been speculating if Roxy Mitchell will come back to the plot of the show. However, Roxy Mitchell was shown dead in the show. But recently, actress Rita Simons who portrayed the role of Roxy Mitchell said that her character in the show may not be dead after all as nobody ever saw a body. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Why Was Eastenders Arrested?

Six years ago, the character which was Rita Simons was essaying in EastEnders was shown drowned alongside Ronnie which was being portrayed by Samantha Womack. Their removal from the show upset fans at the time. But recently Rita Simons put her fans in a frenzy when she pointed out that nobody ever saw Roxy’s body. She made this interesting claim on Thursday, April 27, 2023. More details to come out soon. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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