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Who Is Joshua Little From Gujarat Titans? IPL Price, Salery, Stats, Age, Height, Parents boston news

People are eager to know about Joshua’s sister. Joshua Brain is a well-known Irish cricket player. He is quite young as he is 1999 born. He is currently 23 years old and will turn 24 this November. you will get complete details about Joshua’s sister in this article. keep reading for more details.

Joshua Little

Who Is Joshua Little?

He has been a fabulous player in cricket. He has won the hearts of all Irish people and now making an appearance in India. He has become the first individual to sign a deal with Indian Premier League (IPL). Joshua started his cricket journey early in his life. He is a left bowler and also a right-hand batter. He started in professional career by playing T20 internationally with Hong Kong. His first day was played in 2019. People are more curious to know about the sister of Joshua. Who others are in his family and loved ones. Let us have a look at that.

Joshua Little

Joshua Little IPL Price, Salery, Stats, Age, Height, Bowling Speed Average 140kmph

Joshua has been purchased by Gujarat Titans for 4.4 crores. He has received 8.8 times more money than he asked for. His ask was 50 lakhs only. The player is willing to play for Hardik Pandeya. He has become the first individual to sign an IPL deal.

Joshua LittleJoshua with his sisters

Who Are Joshua Little Sisters?

Joshua has two sisters and he is the eldest among his siblings. The youngest of them is Louise. She is 2003 born and is currently 19 years old. She will turn 20 next month in May. Her older sister is Hannah. She is 2001 born and currently is 21 years old. She will soon turn 22 in July. Hannah also loves cricket and plays for Ireland. She also got a chance to be in T20 Women’s International in August 2019. She played her first match in Ireland’s First WT201I match with the Netherlands. She plays for Scorchers. Louise plays for Ireland and the Typhoons. Her first day was in 2017. 2019 also gave her a chance to play in Ireland’s World Twenty 20 debut match. In 2021, She played for Ireland in Zimbabwe. Let us have more details about Joshua Little Parents.

Joshua LittleJoshua with his mother

Who Are Joshua Little’s Parents:

Joshua has not said anything about his parents yet. We don’t have much information about his family. He is a private person and does not like to tell much about his personal life. However, Little’s family has Irish citizenship. He often mentions his parents as the biggest support in his life. They always supported him in his cricket career. His earlier starting match involves Ireland’s match with Afghanistan which was being held in India. He also represented his country in 2018’s U-19 Cricket World Cup. Since 2021, he has been part of the Ireland Wolves team.

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