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Who Is Keith Moses? Arrested for 9-year-old girl killed in Florida shooting boston news

The cases of shooting are quite often to hear. Don’t know how criminals are easily getting access to deadly weapons and have committed these crimes. Such crimes are not surprising anymore to hear but still surprising. The latest shooting incident has been reported in which the identification of the suspect is present in public. The shooting incident happened in Pine Hills on Wednesday, 22nd February 2023 where 3 people lost their lives. The suspect was identified as Keith Moses, 19. The report states that a reporter was also wounded by the gunfire. That means 3 people were assassinated and 2 were wounded and have been admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

Keith Moses

Who Is Keith Moses?

The police lodged the case already and they are currently investigating the matter and trying to find out more evidence against the suspect. This incident has once again stirred up the entire world who always prayed for the peace of society but some freak criminals are constantly playing with the lives of innocent people and killing them like insects. Despite knowing that killing someone is the biggest sin but they are not taking the name to stop their heinous crime. Such as this shooting incident which has been informed by The Orange County Sheriff. People are also sharing their thoughts on this incident through their Twitter accounts.

Cops have shared the information about the suspect and the name of the suspect is Keith Moses who is just 19 years old. The photos of the suspect have been shared on different social media platforms. Moses has open fire on 5 people out of which 3 lost their lives and 2 are admitted into the hospital in critical condition. Not only this, police believed that along with 3 killings, he would be charged with 4 other shootings later that day. Out of 3 dead people, 1 has been recognized as a reporter who was working for News13. Along with this reporter, other reporters also get serious wounds.

The 20-year-old mother and her kid, who was 9 years old, were assassinated in the incident, their identity has not been shared by the police but the families of the victims are surely in deep sorrow, particularly those who lost their family members. However, the motive behind this lethal shooting is not known yet but police are trying to find it and as soon as they informed us we will mention it here. But cops believed that 2 other people who lost their lives were killed by accident and the main motive of this incident was to kill the reporter. However, no relation or link between the suspect and the journalist has been known yet.

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