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Who Is Kristin McDonald? BC teaching assistant under fire over raunchy onlyf page boston news

It was reported that the education assistant who sets up the OnlyF account made its end and was further told to shut it down or risk firing. You are required to read the complete article and follow us around for all the insights. Kristin McDonald works as an educational assistant at Terry Fox Secondary in Port Coquitlam, BC on the side she runs social media accounts that offer adult content for users who are 18 years or older, and Secondary in Port Coquitlam, took a side gig to make ends meet. Unusually, for poor pay, her union claimed that Kristin Mcdonald’s extra work includes an account on OnlyF, a paid subscription site known for custom pornography. After the complaint was filed, the Coquitlam school board demanded MacDonald, 35 shut down her adult content accounts on social media, including her OnlyF account, deemed inappropriate or risk losing her position helping special needs students.

Kristin McDonald Teaching Assistant

Who Is Kristin McDonald? BC teaching assistant

Legal experts told us that this labor dispute is complicated because of the work that MacDonalds engages in outside the school, and the societal stigma attached to it. Speculations arise to shut down or risk firing. Here’s a piece of information you need to know. On April 28, MacDonald got an email from school authorities warning her to shut down her adult content accounts and keep this order quiet or face discipline. McDonald took a job with the Coquitlam School District in 2015 helping special needs children and teens. She helps students with feeding tubes or blood-sugar testing. She claimed that she grew up with an autistic brother and likes helping others.

Kristin McDonald Teaching Assistant Kristin McDonald Teaching Assistant

The former personal trainer knew it was a risk to start a side gig by setting up subscribers-supported adult-content accounts on the 18+ platform under a pseudonym. By June 2022, she was offering spicy visuals for anybody for a $5.99 US per month subscription fee. McDonald’s stipulates that she has limits and does not sell sexual services. In public social media posts on Instagram, she appears in bras and lingerie which is never more than a bikini. These posts entice clicks to her OnlyF account, which is only provided with a method of payment and proof of you being 18. When she learned of complaints, MacDonald said she felt bad about herself but then said it began to feel like discrimination.

Kristin McDonald Teaching Assistant Kristin McDonald Teaching Assistant

Furthermore, Criminal defense lawyer Guillaume Garih said that BC educators are asked in a document to maintain the integrity, credibility, and reputation of the profession. Educators are role models and they are held to a higher standard and are accountable for their conduct on duty and off duty. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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