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Who Is Leslie Hurley? Bobby Hurley Wife, Kids Family boston news

Bobby Hurley Wife, Leslie Hurley, is an American businesswoman and volunteers with Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief.

Robert Matthew Hurley is the head coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils and a former professional basketball player in the United States. He previously served as head coach at the University of Buffalo.

He was a unanimous first-team All-American with the Duke Blue Devils, with whom the sportsperson won consecutive national titles as a collegiate player. He has the most assists in NCAA basketball history.

From 1993 to 1999, he was a member of the Sacramento Kings and Vancouver Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Hurley went on to become a thoroughbred racehorse co-owner and breeder after retirement. In 2003, he was also employed as a scout by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Hurley played for the Indiana squad under coach Bobby Knight in the 1994 feature film Blue Chips.

Who Is Leslie Hurley? Meet Bobby Hurley Wife

Bobby Hurley married Leslie Hurley on November 2, 1995. Lesli is a philanthropist who volunteers with Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief.

Their love relationship began when they met for the first time in early 1994. Bobby was a young athlete pushing himself to make it in the NBA with the Sacramento Kings.

Bobby Hurley WifeBobby Hurley’s Wife, Leslie Hurley, and family (Source: Thesundevils)

Leslie Palceski was born in 1971 and is now 51 years old. Her reputation as a tough and intelligent businesswoman and entrepreneur is well-deserved, owing to her extensive knowledge of many markets and analytical techniques.

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Leslie and Bobby have shown a solid dedication to philanthropy in addition to their interests by supporting the Gulf Coast storm relief fund and other humanitarian activities.

Leslie also worked as an Arizona State senior athletic director associate after graduating from St. Dominic School in New Jersey, an all-girls catholic institution.

Bobby Hurley’s wife, “Leslie Hurley,” has a history of sexual harassment. According to official sources, Arizona State suspended an athletic booster in February 2020.

They harassed three women, including Leslie, who were married to the school’s sports department members.

The accused assaulted her by making an improper statement and physically contacting her. Yahoo Sports acquired this information through emails. Furthermore, the Freedom of Information Act request accused Ray Anderson (Athletic Director) of ignoring women’s safety.

Who Are Bobby Hurley Kids? Family Explored

Hurley resides in Tempe, Arizona, with his five children. Hurley and his wife, Leslie Hurley, have three children.

Coming up in Jersey City, New Jersey, the distinguished American basketball coach moved to Arizona in 2015 when the Sun Devils named him head coach.

Cameron Hurley is Bobby and Leslie’s eldest child. She presently works as a brand partnerships Executive at Canal.

Bobby Hurley WifeBobby Hurley Kids And Wife 

Cameron has a fascinating tale about how she earned her name. Her mother and Father are both Duke University graduates who spent their college years in the University’s indoor arena.

In May 2020, Sydney Hurley will graduate from Arizona State University. She is the Hurley family’s second daughter.

Her superior intelligence only matches her stunning beauty. Sydney has used these characteristics to her advantage as the Product Line Manager at the renowned American sports gear business Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co.

Bobby Hurley, born in 2004, is the Hurley family’s youngest member. Bobby Hurley, senior Hurley’s son, is likely the lone heir to his Father’s legacy. The 18-year-old athlete is forging a road of brilliance for his Father at the Arzona Sun Devils.

What Is Bobby Hurley Net Worth In 2024?

Based on sources, Bobby Hurley’s net worth is estimated at $8 million. Hurley’s net wealth stems primarily from his career as an American basketball coach.

PNC Bank sued him in 2009 for failing to repay a $1 million loan to buy a horse. Hurley joined Wagner as an assistant coach in 2010 and was named associate head coach at Rhode Island in 2012.

In March 2013, he was named head coach of the Buffalo Bulls men’s basketball team. Bobby had an appearance in the 1994 film Blue Chips. Hurley led Buffalo to its first NCAA tournament participation before taking over as Arizona State’s head coach in 2015.

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