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Who Is Shaughna Phillips Boyfriend Billy? Arrested In Drug Raid boston news

Shaughna Phillips has been left alone stunned and shocked after her boyfriend was arrested. This news surfaced just a while ago. According to the reports, the Love Island star has been shocked due to the arrest of her boyfriend with whom she is due to welcome her first child. Yes, the Love Island star is pregnant and only a few days are left in her first child’s delivery. But before their first child’s birth, Shaughna Phillips’s boyfriend got arrested and left her alone during this crucial period of her life. Being a renowned personality and a Love Island celebrity Shaughna Phillips has a huge fan following across the world. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Shaughna Phillips Boyfriend Billy Arrested

Who Is Shaughna Phillips’s Boyfriend Billy?

Meanwhile, her fans have been curious to learn why Shaughna Phillips’s boyfriend was arrested and what are the charges again him. There are a number of questions are being asked and searched on the internet by Shaughna Phillips’s fans. To make them informed about Shaughna Phillips’s boyfriend’s arrest we published this article. In the following sections of this article, we have explored this story and discussed every imperative aspect of this news. So be sticky with this page and keep reading this article. Kindly swipe down the page and must go through the following sections of this article.

Shaughna Phillips Boyfriend Billy Arrested

Shaughna Phillips is in a relationship with her boyfriend Billy Webb. They are expecting their first child soon. In fact, only a month is between in Shaughna Phillips’s first baby’s delivery but before the delivery of their first child, Webb was arrested and detained by the police. Reportedly, Shaughna Phillips’s boyfriend was arrested on January 20. But why? Since this news broke out this question is prevailing among the fans. We did a study on it and gathered information about charges against Billy Webb. Learn over what charges he was arrested for. Drag down the page.

Shaughna Phillips’s Boyfriend Billy Arrested

As per the reports, Billy Webb is charged with drug offenses. Yes, he is facing allegations of possessing drugs. According to the source, Shaughna Phillips’s boyfriend has been charged with possession with intent to supply a Class A drug and being allegedly involved in the supply of controlled drugs on January 21. These are the serious criminal charges Billy Webb is facing right now. This is the reason he is not with his heavily pregnant girlfriend Shaughna Phillips who is just a few weeks away from her their first child’s delivery. Here the next question arises from where Billy Webb was taken into custody. Read more details in the next section.

Shaughna Phillips Boyfriend Billy Arrested

After Billy Webb’s arrest, another man was arrested and charged with the possession of Class A drugs. Billy Webb’s arrest follows the arrest of a man in North London at Kentish Town Road and police also seized Class A drugs from the address. In addition, one more person was taken into custody and charged with possession with intent to supply Class A drugs on January 21. Shortly after Webb’s arrest, this news started trending on the internet. Meanwhile, the media person reached out to Shaughna Phillips and asked about her boyfriend. Scroll down the page and read what Shaughna Phillips’s rep. said to the media.

Why was Shaughna Phillips’s Boyfriend Billy Arrested?

Shaughna Phillips’s representative told Mirror, “Shaughna had absolutely no knowledge of any activity involving the allegations against Billy. Despite being in a long-term relationship with the defendant, Shaughna has no links with the address in question and will be openly assisting the police with their inquiries. We kindly ask the public to be mindful of the imminent birth of Shaughna’s baby and allow her some privacy during this difficult and stressful time.” A spokesperson for the Met Police also interacted with the media after Webb’s arrest.  Scroll down the page and read what he said.

Shaughna Phillips Boyfriend Billy Arrested

A spokesperson for Met Police came fore and said that 29 years old Billy Webb who hails from Thurlow Terrace, NW5 has been charged with possession with intent to supply a Class A drug. He further stated that another person named William Bowen from Werrington Street, NW1 was also arrested and charged with the same criminal charges. Met Police’s spokesperson further added, “Webb was remanded at court to appear at Southwark Crown Court on an unspecified date. Bowen was bailed at court to appear at Southwark Crown Court on an unspecified date.”

The Love Island star Shaughna Phillips is reportedly dating Billy Webb since 2020. Billy Webb is 29 years of age while Shaughna Phillips is 28 years old. Billy Webb is a businessman and property developer. He rarely comes into the media limelight. But after his arrest over drug offenses, his name has been included in news headlines. Previously the pregnant Love Island star said, “It’s not my decision. If I could share him, I would. He just doesn’t want to be in the public eye. I have to respect his wishes.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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