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Who Is Stella Isabella Djohan? Beneficial Owner of BKSL Profile boston news

Stella Isabela is a famous Businesswoman. She is the beneficial owner of the BKSL profile. She is the most searched person right now. People are very curious to know about her. People want to know about her career and life. We have researched a lot about her and we are going to share every single piece of information about her with you. So, read the whole article to know about her, and don’t skip anything if you don’t want to miss anything about her.

Stella Isabella Djohan

Who Is Stella Isabella Djohan?

Stella Isabela Djohan is a well-known Businesswoman and Conglomerate. She works along with her husband. They both have worked on very different projects. She lives in Indonesia. She is 30 years old. Stella has been involved in various business ventures which include real estate, Hospitality, education, and property development.  Stella started her career in the hospitality industry as she has managed very luxurious hotels in Indonesia. After that, she got an interest in Business and she started involving in business ventures, healthcare, and education. She is very addicted to the art collection, she loves to collect art a lot. She has a very expensive art collection which includes works by the famous Marc Chagall,  Pablo Picasso, and many more.

Stella Isabella Djohan

Stella Isabella owns Sentural city, a real estate development in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. She is a very successful businesswoman, she has received a lot of achievements in her career. She is the founder & owner of the Stella Maris International School, in Jakarta, Indonesia.  She is a very kind and humble nature person. She always helps other people. She is the Beneficial owner of the BKSL profile. BKSL is a real estate developer company in Indonesia. This company has an estimated revenue of approx IDR 2.42 trillion and a profit of IDR 234 billion. Since 2015, BKSL has only distributed cash dividends when the company got mentioned on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 1997.

Stella Isabella Djohan

From 31st March 2022, PT Sakti Generasi Perdana owns 53.68% of BKSL shares with Stella Isabella claiming an additional 16.76%. Stella is a shareholder of Sakti Generasi Perdana. The company has decided not to distribute dividends to any shareholders. The company has said that IDR 2 billion will be stored and the remaining IDR 227 billion will be funded in the business for its expansion. So this was all the information that we collected about Stella Isabella Djohan and BKSL. We will share some more information about her soon till then stay tuned with us.

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