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Who Is The Playing Card Killer Alfredo Galán Wife? Is Spanish Serial Killer Married? boston news

Here we are going to talk about the new Netflix series that is all set to release this month. The playing card killer, the public is very excited about the new film that is going to release soon. they all go through the internet to know more about the series. Not just that they are also searching for Alfredo Galan and his wife over the internet. So, for our readers, we have brought the information about them in this article. Keep reading through the internet to know more.

Alfredo Galán

Who Is The Playing Card Killer Alfredo Galán Wife?

A new Netflix movie called The Playing Card Killer is anticipated to fascinate viewers. This program offers viewers a chilling glimpse into the psyche of one of Spain’s most notorious serial killers. The four-part Spanish documentary has drawn a lot of interest. It will air on June 9, 2023. The brutal killings that Alfredo Galán carried out in Spain in the early 2000s provide the basis of The Playing Card Killer. By leaving a scary playing card at each murder site, Galán, sometimes known as “The Playing Card Killer,” made many people nervous. This frightening feature was the cause of his eerie moniker.

Alfredo Galan, who murdered playing cards, is thought to be single. His relationship status and marriage aren’t frequently discussed in public. The murderer was a neurotic and anxious person. He, therefore, exhibited some restraint and introversion and cherished his alone time. Consequently, we might infer that the murderer of the playing cards had little interest in pursuing a love interest. Galán’s peers characterized him as uninteresting and reclusive despite the fact that he was also the high school class president. Alfredo joined the Spanish Army in September 1998 when he was 20 years old. He eventually attained the rank of corporal in the Alcalá de Henares Parachute Regiment and participated in humanitarian operations in Bosnia.

He was told to return to Spain in the midst of the Prestige oil disaster. After stealing a car, Galán was taken to the Gómez Ulla Military Hospital in Madrid. He continued to drink despite being diagnosed with neurosis and anxiety. The playing card murderer began working as a security guard at Madrid-Barajas Airport in March 2003 after leaving the hospital. At the age of 26, Galán began a brutal killing spree that lasted for nearly two months at the beginning of 2003. He committed his first crime on January 24, 2003, when he shot 50-year-old Juan Francisco Ledesma in the head in front of his 2-year-old son. After the murder, he left an ace of cups playing cards.

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