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Why Did Bae Yoon Jung Divorce Jerome: Settlement boston news

Bae Yoon Jung Divorce Jerome in 2016. The couple separated after two years and two months of their marriage.

K-pop is a renowned entertainment industry where many idols from South Korea and different parts of the world showcase their singing and dancing skills.

Many idols are popular and have huge fanbases worldwide. Bae Yoon Jung is part of the K-pop industry and has been active as a dancer, dance coach and choreographer for many idols for a long time.

Born on 18 February 1989 in Seoul, South Korea, Bae Yoon Jung is known for choreographing many popular song dance steps, including T-ARA- Bo Peep Bo Peep, EXID- Up &Down and Brown Eyed Girls- Abracadabra.

The gorgeous lady is currently the CEO of YAMA&HOTCHICKS Entertainment. She also has been a dance coach and choreographer for various other entertainment companies and agencies.

Furthermore, Bae Yoon Jung was the dance mentor of trainees from Produce 101, Produce 48 and Produce X 101. She seems to be a harsh and tough coach, but she is kind-hearted and gives her best in teaching.

Bae Yoon Jung is among the shining stars of the K-pop industry. Talking about her love life, she married Jerome in 2014 but got divorced in 2016. Let’s talk more about their relationships below.

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Why Did Bae Yoon Jung Divorce Jerome?

As per allkpop, Bae Yoon Jung divorced Jerome in October 2014. They did not reveal much about their decision but claimed to have divorced due to their private matters.

Per the sources, Jerome was a member of X-Large and a formal idol who debuted in 2001. He had also worked as a music program host. The couple used to attend many events together. Their sudden divorce shocked the entire K-pop fans. 

Bae Yoon Jung Divorce Jerome is the ex-husband of Bae Yoon Jung. (Source: Twitter)

Recently, Bae Yoon Jung’s ex-husband Jerome revealed more about their relationship and divorce. He is currently a part of the show Doll Singles 4 IN the USA.

As per News Directory 3, Jerome claimed on the show that he and Bae Yoon Jung lived their married life for just two years and two months. He confessed that they departed from each other due to their personalities difference.

Jerome also said the couple mutually agreed on the divorce after recognizing their disparities.  

Furthermore, Jerome claimed that Bae Yoon Jung always encouraged him to pursue his dreams and not settle for mediocrity.

So, it’s somewhere more apparent that both K-pop artists made such a decision for the sake of their selves.

Bae Yoon Jung And Jerome Divorce: Settlement And Alimony

As much as they are active in their respective entertainment fields, Bae Yoon Jung and Jerome are very private regarding their personal life and past relationships.

During their divorce in 2016, they did not confess or reveal much about themselves. But just mentioned their separation due to personalities difference.

However, a recent Jerome talk on the reality show revealed the same. The couple mutually agreed to move on and decided their separation.

So, they have revealed just the reason for their divorce but have not revealed more about settlement and alimony.

Meet Bae Yoon Jung Current Partner

Bae Yoon Jung married Seo Kyung-hwan on  26 September 2019 in Seoul, South Korea.

Bae Yoon Jung’s husband was a professional soccer player in Thailand. Furthermore, he is also the CEO of the soccer team.

Bae Yoon Jung Divorce Bae Yoon Jung married Seo Kyung-hwan in 2019. (Source: Twitter)

As per the sources, the couple tied the knot after dating for one year. Many idols, including JeA, Cheetah, Tony Ahu and Hwangbo, participated in their wedding.

As per the sources, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy, in 2021.

Overall, Bae Yoon Jung is a talented artist. Apart from being an artist, she is a mother of her child and a lovely partner to her husband.

Bae Yoon Jung Net Worth

Bae Yoon Jung is a South Korean choreographer and television personality known for her work in the field of K-pop and dance.

However, the most up-to-date details about her net worth and salary in 2023 still remain under the shades.

Bae Yoon Jung gained recognition for her appearances as a judge and mentor on various South Korean dance competition shows, including “Produce 101” and “Produce 48.”

Her expertise in dance and choreography, combined with her charismatic presence on screen, made her a popular figure in the entertainment industry.

not to mention, her extensive involvement in the K-pop scene and her roles in television programs are reasonable to assume that Bae Yoon Jung’s earnings are substantial.

Moreover, choreographers and industry professionals of her caliber often earn from various sources, including consultation fees, appearances on TV shows, endorsements, and potentially owning a dance academy or studio.

Besides, it’s important to note that public figures’ net worth and earnings can be subject to fluctuations due to various factors like new business ventures, successful projects, or endorsement deals.

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